2017 Ford Focus: Top 5 Reasons to Buy


Over the years, the Ford Focus has become a trendy Ford model among car owners in the United States. Its sporty design, and admirable gas mileage is something that can’t be ignored. Apart from its stylish design the Ford Focus also rewards you with extra cargo space. With a well-polished interior and a hushed performance, the 2017 Ford Focus has plenty to offer you. Are you planning to purchase a hatchback soon, here are the top five reasons why you should consider buying a 2017 Ford Focus from Bloomington Ford.


The number one consideration for most people when purchasing a car is safety. Nothing feels good like knowing that you are cruising in the safest car on the highway. There is no shortage of safety features on the 2017 Ford Focus. The car features a total of seven airbags plus an extra driver’s knee airbag. There is also a hill-start assist and electronic stability control to assure you of maximum safety. You also get to enjoy the autonomous emergency city braking that is an exclusive feature for the Ford Focus.

Attractive Style

Ford models are also known for their unique design and exemplary body appearance. The Ford Focus is no different since it features a trendy, sporty design that is awesome.  The Titanium Bloomington Ford Focus trim level has stylish 16-inch alloys and heated side mirrors. There is also a wide variety of attractive trim levels that includes the high-performance and all-electric RS and ST trim levels. The 2017 model is a major upgrade of the 2015 model that has been around for more than two years. Some of its dominant paint colors include Ruby Red, lightning blue and white gold.

Quiet Ride

The 2017 Ford Focus beats all of its competitors when it comes to quietness.  You will only hear a minimum amount of road and wind noise when traveling at highway speeds. This is a true definition of interior quality.  The cabin is also insulated to ensure that there is no any cabin noise coming out. With the 2017 Ford Focus, you are destined to like it’s quiet and peaceful nature.

Enjoy the Sixth Gear

Do you wish to enjoy the sixth gear that gives you more power and control over your car? Then go for the 2017 Ford Focus. You will also love the flexibility of its gearbox which is tight but not too tight.  The sixth gear is there to ensure that you spent the minimal time at the petrol station every day.

Advanced Technology

The Ford Focus also features advanced technology like the other cars in its class. One of the car’s most outstanding technological features is the innovative MyKey feature which will help you a lot if you are a parent of a teenage driver. This feature allows parents to limit the car’s top speed and also offers a low-fuel warning.