4 Signs That Shows Your Car Requires Servicing


Keeping your car in top form is essential since it assures you that your vehicle is always safe for use. Also, when your car is well serviced, you will protect yourself from costs and frustrations that may arise when it runs into problems. Car manufacturers and Toyota dealers LA recommend that you should service your vehicle at least twice a year to keep it in good condition. Here are some of the warning signs your car has a problem and requires servicing.

Unusual Noises While Driving

Usually, there is trouble behind any new or strange sounds coming from your car. When you experience any of these sounds while driving, it is recommended to take your car for a checkup before it develops into a costly issue.  A grinding sound could be due to loose or worn out brake belts. Unbalanced or flat tires will also lead to strange noises which are an indicator that it’s time to replace your tires. Also, when you hear squeals while turning, it means that there is low power steering fluid. Grinding and squealing sounds when slowing down shows that your brakes require urgent servicing.


When you observe any leakage from your car, it is a good indication that your car needs some service as soon as possible. It is easy to tell that your car is leaking from the spills and stains observed when driving your car from one place to another. Look out for the dark-colored spills of brake or oil fluid for leakages. Also, any unusual leaking from your car exhaust pipe is a pointer that your car requires servicing.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Each of the light signals on your car dashboard was created for a purpose, and they are crucial in providing car information. In general, red light requires more attention, but any warning light is a sign that your car needs a checkup. If the light of our engine is yellow, this is an indication that your vehicle has multiple issues and therefore, servicing it is necessary.

A lot of modern vehicles even have a service light on their dashboard which helps you to identify certain defects on your car as earlier as possible. If dashboard lights are difficult to understand then, Toyota dealers LA recommends that you check the dashboard’s manual or use the internet to check their meanings online.


You should also be worried when you notice a lot of smoke coming out of your bonnet. Though the reasons for your engine to start producing smoke vary, there is no doubt that this is an indicator of a potentially massive issue that requires urgent attention. Mechanical service will help you identify and rectify the problem. Keep in mind that failure to handle the issue in good time may result in costly repairs.