5 Tips for Buying the Used Cars in Carolina


Planning to buy a used car? Before buying a used car in Carolina, you need to know some important tips from Carolina Department of Transportation. These tips will help you buy a right car, including legal documentation. Here are 5 tips for buying used cars in Carolina.

1. Research and Test-drive

Buying a second-hand vehicle can be quite risky and it is better to check all the information related to the car. First of all, buy the car from the reputable dealer or from a trusted person. The more you the seller, the more you have the chance of buying a better car. Check the current market value of the car model which will help you by the car at the correct price. Test-drive the car and observe the performance of the car carefully. Also get the whole car inspected by a professional mechanic.

2. Compare the mileage

Under the Carolina law, it is mandatory for every car seller to give the statement of mileage that is for many miles the car has traveled. Don’t forget to ask the seller to show you the title. Do compare the mileage on the cars odometer reading and the mileage displayed on the title.

3. Check the Vehicle’s History Report

When buying the used car it is very important to check the history of the vehicle. It will help you avoid unnecessary and costly problems. The Report contains vehicle’s history including auction record, accident record, rental history, manufacturer buyback salvage including lemon law. It also has information related to odometer rollback and rollover.

4. Check the Buyers Guide

Every seller has to display the buyer’s guide under Federal Trade Commission in Carolina. It has information related to the warranty of the car. It should state anyone of these two: “AS-IS” or “WARRANTY”. AS-IS means you don’t have a warranty. It should also include the promises for after-sale maintenance.

5. Title transfer and registration

You need to transfer the title of the vehicle and get registered within 20 days of the date of sale. When buying from an individual you need to fill the application for Carolina Certificate of Title. When buying for you does not require filling out an application, the dealer will require to fill out the application on behalf of you.