5 Ways to Save Money When Buying a Used Car


What do you do when you need a car but you have a considerably lower budget? You obviously go for a used model. With the right mindset and process, you can easily find a used car that will not only serve your purposes but provide quality service for a long time. The type of vehicle you need will depend on your budget and what you’ll use it for. The following tips will help you save a lot of money when buying a used car – as recommended by Show Plates Direct

  • Know What You Need  

Whether you are buying a new car or a used on, understanding what you will need the vehicle for is the first step in making the right decision. When buying a car, it can be very easy to be distracted by the glitz of the showroom. Instead, take the time to narrow down the car models that will fit into what you need and then make a comparison based on performance and features. One way to quickly narrow down your options is to think of the features you can’t do without.

  • Choose Older and High Mileage

If your main concern is your budget, go for older vehicles that have higher mileage. Vehicles with a mileage of more than 100,000 km will often be more affordable as compared to newer vehicles. Although these vehicles may not have the latest modern features, they may still provide you with a decent performance for a while if the engine is still good.

  • Focus on Performance

When buying a used car, there may be dents and scratches on the body that could out you off. But it is important to focus on the part of the vehicle that matters; the performance. The reliability of the vehicle is the most important aspect since the boy imperfections can be fixed at a small cost. Repairing the engine is much more expensive.

  • Compare Prices

The biggest advantage of purchasing a used car is that they are widely available at a wide range of specifications and prices. This means if you take the time to shop around, chances are you’ll find what you are looking for at a significantly less cost that if you bought the first car you find. Shopping around also gives you the added advantage of finding the perfect used car for your needs rather than settling.

  • Make Sure it is Certified

To avoid additional future costs, you may also want to make sure that the vehicle you buy is certified. Certified used vehicles are available at authorized dealerships an often have the advantage of having been properly checked for damage and engine imperfections. A certified used car with therefore provide you with more service for a longer period of time than if you were to buy from a friend.

Finally, once you’ve settled on the vehicle you want to purchase, a little bit of negotiation can help to bring the sticker price lower.