Always Clear View with the Right Windshield Wiper!


When it gets cold and wet outside, the time has come to check the car’s winter suitability. Besides replacing the tires and checking the coolant, the windscreen wipers should also be inspected. A clear view is especially important in the dark season. At the latest, when the streets are strewn with snow, a whitish film quickly forms on the windshield. This ensures that the light is scattered by oncoming cars, which further affects the view. Read in this article things you need to know about windscreen wipers.

Windscreen Wiper Operation

Although windscreen wipers have been used on cars for over 100 years. Nevertheless, much is still being researched and developed. The body shapes of the cars are changing, the design is demanding, but above all, the windscreen wipers have to cope with the most adverse conditions.

At the same time, these components are wearing parts. They are usually exchanged during the annual inspection. This is not money making – it is an important contribution to road safety.

Even if the expensive windscreen wiper sets of brand manufacturers hurt – it makes sense to invest money, which provides in the next season for a clear view. Although cheap models look similar, their performance is very different. With cheap wipers you have to expect the following problems:

  • The loud squeaking of the rubber during operation
  • Tear off the wiper lip from the retaining rubber
  • Fast rusting of the brackets
  • Poor wiper performance
  • Rattling at higher speeds
  • Quick wear of the wiper lip

High-quality wipers in a brand quality stand out in all respects beneficial. Instead of an annoying squeak, you can hear even in the strongest rain only the soothing flap, with which the brand wiper continuously keeps the disc transparent.

Assembly Challenge

The installation of a windshield wiper can be quite a challenge if one approaches too naively to the stuff. It is obvious that windshield wipers must be firmly attached to their arms: otherwise, they would start to flutter at higher speeds or take off completely.

Damage to the Windscreen Due to Worn Windscreen Wipers

This is particularly fatal when driving: First, the detached windshield wiper might turn to a bullet that endangers other road users. When the windshield wiper peels off during operation, the arm grinds over the windscreen and inevitably leaves a scratch. Then the whole windscreen has to be replaced it can’t be sorted out by a windshield repair resin. This is much more expensive than buying a high-quality wiper.