Argentina will Likely Witness Grand Prix after 20 Years


After a 20-year absence, things are looking up for the resumption of the Argentinean Grand Prix. F1 is now in talks as an Argentinean leading promoter is extending support over the plan.

One of the leading event promoters in the country made the revelation that he is in talks with Liberty Media about the possibility of getting the Grand Prix back to Argentina for next year. This is after a hiatus of twenty long years.

Argentina was among the first countries that are not located in Europe to hold an F1 round back in 1953. Over time, it successfully held a total of 20 races in its Autodromo that is located in Buenos Aires.

It was in 1998 when the hosting was cut abruptly due to financial issues. However, the recent government change along with F1’s sale to Liberty Media last year has allowed the agenda to be brought back to the drawing table once again. Liberty Media stated that it wants to embrace the F1heritage while planning to expand its calendar of activities beyond the 21 races. According to F1 manufacturer Brabhams, this means that Argentina is presently at a pole position to fulfil that.

Arturo Rubinstein, the man supporting the plan, stated that negotiations are ongoing for his Fenix Entertainment to be the Grand Prix’s Argentinean promoter. He plans to get the race hosted at the Autodromo. He also stated that the Argentinean government committed £21.5 million to fund the upgrades as required by F1’s governing body. Considering that the work is only going to take about six months, he is hoping that this will allow the country to be part of the F1 calendar next year.

The city government in Buenos Aires has pledged to provide for the funds needed to get the work done in upgrading the circuit to fit the standards set by F1 and the FIA. As soon as the agreement is signed for Buenos Aires to hold the race, the work is going to commence. This is expected to be for a term of five years where the estimated amount is about $30 million. The renovation may be completed within a period of six months.

His goal is for the race to be held in the Autodromo by 2019. This comes after the races that will be held in Australia. The presence of transpolar flights should make this more than a possibility. Besides, F1 races that are held in Argentina used to be schedule at the start if every calendar. If this does not push through, the next alternative is to have the race held around November.

Argentina has been out of the F1 loop due to the increase in emerging markets that have also taken an interest to the sport. The governments of these countries were more than willing to pay top money to host and promote the event to their audiences- something which Argentina was unable to do then due to financial setbacks. With this move, the country is once again hoping to be back in the F1 map. Stay updated with the latest in the F1 world by reading about Brabham online.