Avoid overheating your truck – Common and smart ways to adopt


During the beginning of summer, what if you’re stuck in traffic and suddenly you find a big RED ‘H’ appearing on your temperature gauge? What is the meaning of this message? Well, does it mean that your vehicle is overheating? Yes, this is what it means and once you get this message, you’re supposed to take an immediate step right away. During such a situation, you have to switch off the AC as soon as possible, switch on the defroster to HOT and the fan should be on HIGH.

You have to remember that an engine which runs too hot can cause instant damage to your vehicle and can also tarnish its safety. What are the ways in which you can prevent overheating of your car? Here are few tips to keep in mind.

#1: Avoid truck overloading

Does this seem like a simple rule to be followed? Despite being a rather simple tip, there are very few truck drivers who follow this rule. Overloading not only leads of overheating of the truck but also increases the chances of an accident due to tripping over to a turnaround during moves and bends. The next time you load your truck, make sure you use an onboard weighing system to measure the load that you put on your truck so that you’re not penalized on the road. Moreover, maintaining a proper load will also prevent overheating.

#2: Don’t pull along too much

Being a truck driver, you must be aware of how tow capacity ratings work and what makes it important to stay within the tow capacity. A similar principle is also applicable on a truck. Just because a truck has got a hitch, this doesn’t mean that you can keep on towing on to its capacity. You might possess the extra equipment which allows towing; the engine will feel added strain in case you carry more load than what you should.

#3: Check the brakes

If you have an overheated engine in your truck and if you didn’t trace any problem to the usual suspects, you can soon get confused. The brakes can be considered as another culprit whom drivers usually tend to overlook and ignore. Pull off your head from the engine and try to check the corners. Try to note the sound of anything coming from the wheels. Are there unnecessary vibrations? Engine and wheels are separate systems and they aren’t physically near each other but still they should be taken care of.

#4: Carry on routine maintenance of your car

When you drive a truck, you should make it a habit to maintain your truck properly as this is one of the best ways in which you can avoid overheating your engine. Once you do this, you can properly maintain the truck from one bumper to another and this way you will prevent issues related to a heated engine.

Therefore, if you don’t want your car or truck to suffer from an overheated engine, make sure you follow the above listed points.