Best Motorcycle Choices As Per Your Requirement


Having a new motorcycle is the dream of many people. The sensation of the wind hitting the body, the possibility of moving quickly and the fuel economy are all factors that contribute to this desire.

However, this process needs to be done with awareness and attention. Otherwise, the purchase may have a different effect than expected. In some cases, for example, there are imbalances your financial budget. In others, the cost-benefit is not interesting. For the price comparison you can use comparer cote a cote and come up with a solution now.

To help you choose, we have created this post with 3 tips for choosing a suitable bike and buying yours without regret. So, how about knowing the suggestions?

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Know what will be the purpose of using the new bike

You may want a motorcycle to use on a day-to-day basis, but you may only be able to use the vehicle on weekends or on the road. Whatever the purpose, there is a better model.

For example, if you want to get around the city every day, the main thing must be economy and agility. In this case, the streets and scooters are good alternatives, even because they reach a consumption of 40km / liter.

On the other hand, if used for leisure only, it is more important to have robustness, power and load capacity. Dirt roads and trails, on the other hand, require off-road motorcycles or better performance, such as sports models.

Compare Prices to Your Financial Condition

Buying a new motorcycle requires a significant outlay of values. So do the entire math and make sure it fits your budget.

If you are in debt, it is worthwhile to pay the debts first, because in addition to the motorcycle, there are other amounts to pay, such as IPVA, DPVAT, Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV) etc.

Also keep in mind the maintenance, insurance and even the depreciation of the bike – for this last item, it is worth checking the Fipe table.

Check out the size of the new bike

The vehicle must be comfortable. So check your size and see if it fits your size and body structure. To get an idea, the Honda PCX model is only 76cm high, while the trailing NXR 160 of the same brand is 84cm. This difference is enough to make it difficult to keep the bike standing.

When analyzing size, also check its purpose, because one aspect interferes with the other. Also evaluate your ability to turn, brake and avoid obstacles. If you are too tall, you will have difficulty with smaller models to the point where your safety is compromised.

  • The reverse also happens. Therefore, always evaluate your height and vehicle height to make sure that you can drive properly.
  • Note that these 3 tips are key to making a good choice, but there is one rule that applies in all cases: your taste is a priority. So nothing prevents you from buying a bigger bike for everyday use as long as you are willing to pay more for it, as these models tend to consume more fuel.
  • Thus, it is clear that having a new motorcycle is a dream comes true just be careful with the aspects we present. In this way you make a conscious decision based on your tastes and needs.

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