Budget Car Gadgets You Can Buy


Your car is where you spend a good amount of time in daily commute and also when you drive for pleasure trip.  Even though today’s cars are well-equipped with several luxury and useful items, there can be some small hitches that all of us have faced and wanted an easier way of doing things.

 When we once stepped into the showroom of a Riverside Volkswagen dealer, we were shown that the accessories we were looking for are often offered by the manufacturer as built in gadgets, available in a cost that can just shoot up the budget you were not prepared for. That is where these simple gadgets come that are available in any car accessory store or even online. They can serve your purposes as and when you require them. And yes, of course some are pretty good gift ideas for the race who love to spend more time in their cars.

  1. Car Dashboard Sticky Pad

First time when I saw this on a friend’s car, instantly I liked the idea of keeping a Sticky Pad on the dashboard. This helps to keep our small belongings like smartphones, pens, keys and purses safe as they stay still on the dashboard instead of flying around causing damage to the items themselves as well as other things around.

  1. Three-in-One Item Holders

This 3 in 1 car holder is an amazing car gadget that comes handy when you want something to hold your phone and other things./ it works with a set of magnets that can be used several ways. It is an incredible investment to make things easier especially when the driver is all alone in the car.

  1. Car Mounted Wireless Charger

A wireless chargers for car can work the perfect way as a gift for a loved one who spends a lot of time in the car. This wireless car mounted charger will let you stay connected even with continuous usage of your mobile devices without losing their battery power.

  1. Smart Car Charger

Functioning as a perfect combination of USB charger and a smart device this gadget allows you to use things like Alexa with the help of powering it with a USB charger. This too is an amazing gadget that provides constant connectivity while enabling us to go on hands free calling just with the command of your voice.

  1. Tire Pressure Checker

As learned from the Riverside VW dealership experts, smooth driving can be always be a matter of challenge for the drivers, whether you are well-experienced in driving and have quite sound knowledge and experience in maintaining tire pressure. This tire pressure checker works as a perfect gadget that can release you of the tension, if all the tires of your car are having the right amount of pressure. As a drive can come to a halt without proper tire pressures, this gadget can do wonders at the middle of the journey and alert you in advance, that you need to  check the pressure, and take the necessary steps.

All these cars are available at very cheap price on the online merchant sites like New Car Canada and you can order them at any time to ensure safe drives at all times.