Car care: tips on how to properly care for your car


How to properly care for the car? This question is asked by many car owners, because everyone wants to travel for many years in a serviceable and beautiful car. But life is so arranged that even the most reliable mechanism without proper care once breaks down. Cars are no exception, and also fall into disrepair if their owners for various reasons do not monitor the condition of their cars. Sometimes only an emergency situation forces owners to correct the situation. Car care products and our recommendations for their use will help you avoid this.

Care for a car that has a solid experience

In a decent condition, it is easy to maintain even a car with experience. If defects are detected in a timely manner and processed efficiently, the vehicle will serve properly for a very long time. Use only high-quality detergents for wheels, such as sonax wheel cleaner, of course you can find it on a specialized cars related website However, to eliminate significant external defects, you may need more powerful tools: abrasive Polish, abrasive clay for cleaning difficult-to-remove spots on the body.

Care for a new car

A new car is always the pride of its owner. Therefore, care for it should be thorough. This increased attention is absolutely not superfluous. If you want a car to keep its factory Shine for a long time, wash it more often. If you are used to washing cars with your own hands, then pay attention to the auto shampoo, because it is almost impossible to wash the body with simple water without the use of specialized tools.

To ensure high-quality care of the car, it is recommended to treat the surface of the body with protective wax, which not only protects the paintwork, but also increases the mirror image.

Preparing for sale

Any buyer pays first attention to the appearance of the product. Therefore, the owner who wants to make a good deal should work on an attractive type of car and ensure proper care of the car.

A deep gloss surface will provide a good treatment with a wax-based product. If necessary, it is necessary to conduct preliminary preparation with the use of an abrasive composition. Places with defects need more serious measures, and they need to be completed in full, without excluding any stage in order to save money. The car interior should also be subjected to a good General cleaning, not forgetting the chrome and plastic parts.

Corrosion-proof barrier

The onset of adverse weather conditions, starting in the fall, must be met with all the weapons: that is, to identify all the points of corrosion, apply Antikor for cars. The car is particularly in need of preventive measures if it is being prepared for conservation in the winter.

Color change

Often the owners ‘ annoyance is caused by spots and stains on the paintwork. Such defects are most often the result of self-tinting of problem areas or the wrong choice of paint. Such problems are difficult to fix, but you can if you polish the surface well with an abrasive tool and make a protective polishing. The choice of method depends on the nature of the defect.

It is recommended to use the same method in the absence of gloss, streaks or turbidity of paint. Intensive repeated treatment with an abrasive polish will restore the car’s shine and color. Complete the event to restore the attractiveness of the car cover should be protective polishing with the use of teflon or urethane.