Clean Auto Windshield without Leaving Spots and Scratches


Auto windshield is undeniably an important part in your car. That’s why; it must be treated well so that it can function normally as well as be durable. However, there must be dust, insects, and dirt accumulated there after being used for a long time. Despite the fact that it disturbs you while driving; the car in general may look so dull and really dirty. So, how to clean it without leaving any scratches?

Let’s start it from the front windshield. Lift the wiper of your front glass and then spray the glass with a liquid cleaner product. Make sure that the cleaning liquid is indeed for windshield not the others. The areas around the wiper must also be cleaned.  Wipe it with the cloth which is really smooth and soft. It is better to buy a microfiber cloth especially produced for cleaning the car’s Windshield Repair. Pour a little water if it is necessary.

Repeat the process. Now, spray only half of the front glass whether it is the right or left side at first. It is better if the spray is able to cover a wider range. Wipe it with cloth and continue it with another side that has not been cleaned before. In wiping the glass, it is better if you do it in vertical movement at first and then continue it with the horizontal path.

For the side windshields, it is actually not as essential as the front one. But surely, you need to make it really clean. The process is just the same. Spray the liquid and wipe the glass in vertical movement at the beginning. Continue it with horizontal movement until it looks clean. Add water if it is needed but it should not be too much. Avoid cleaning it by forming round movement since it tends to leave spots of water when the windshield is already dry.