Does the 2020 Genesis GV80 Model Series Make an Ideal Luxury Crossover?


GV80is a new name now topping the lineup of Genesis luxury cars that proved the point, that the automaker is an expert in everything it does. It is the first crossover SUV model from the house of Genesis, the brand that was so far concentrating on manufacturing exquisite sedan models. The launch of the Genesis GV80 played an incredibly important role in the overall portfolio of Genesis, where the users across the world has appreciated the move with an open heart.Prominent sellers like Richmond Genesis promoted their dealership with the focus on the 2020 lineup of Genesis GV80 that returned them excellent business.

Setting Up the Benchmark

It is said that it is through the release of the 2020 model of GV80 models, that the luxury wing of Hyundai, namely Genesis could setup a new benchmark in the segment of large luxury crossover SUVs. Caging in the roomiest cabin recorded in its segment, the 2020 Genesis GV80 models also boast of a handful of envious engine options that are meant to carry out the tasks of a crossover SUV dedicatedly. It has proven its mettle in hauling five-to seven adult passengers in all its three rows, while its cargo space of15.3 cubic feet can hold items of all the travelers.

Iconic Style

When it is a Genesis product, you can expect something different to look at in comparison to other models of the same type. The 2020 year edition of Genesis GV80 that carries several hereditary qualities of Genesis, steals the show with its bold and iconic styling. The overall design has some good amount of positive energy vibes that reach the passerby, leave alone the onlookers. Genesis now is proud to cite the best example on how a premium luxury crossover SUV should be looking and working like. The full gloss boy beams with its satin finish perfectly matching its brawny styled demeanor that flaunts its crease-heavy body sides.

Mindful Luxury Components

Genesis expressesa sporty spirit when it laid out the cabins inside the glamorous 2020 GV80 models. To create a dream like interior ambience Genesis installs ‘mood sound’ and ‘mood light’ featuresthat run along with other technology convenience features like an inbuilt intercom that is meant to make communication easier among the first-to-third-row passengers, heated seats, and many more.

Crossover SUV Oriented Features

The 2020 GV80 models from Genesis exhibit the richest qualities of a crossover SUV that are meant to deal with any driving challenges with ease. For this Genesis has given the 2020 GV80 models an excellent ride height that not only helps the car stay aloof from the road imperfections, but also offers excellent visibility even to the rear seat passengers. The intelligent driving dynamics of Genesis sporting a taut suspension and pair of adjustive adaptive dampers make sure, that the 2020 Genesis GV80 models keep delivering a stable and firm ride experience however challenging the road conditions may turn up, boastfully explained the staff members of the Genesis Richmond dealership showroom.