Explore the commercial wheelchair lifts used in public buildings


The platform lifts that are used in public buildings and other commercial places is very convenient. They are designed by the experts so that the applications of the lifts are easy to manoeuvre. These types of wheelchairs are excellent for those who have to go to work and are in move.

Makes a huge difference

  • The Commercial Wheelchair Lifts are of different types like one is the enclosure wheelchair lift. This is basically light weight and very easy to install. This system has a vertical platform hat is self-contained and needs nothing as hoist way and shaft way. They have full size Plexiglas doors as well as plane inserts. This is a very attractive choice for the wheelchair users.
  • The other type is the 3- gate Commercial Wheelchair Lifts has a lower enclosure that provides a full barrier especially at the lower landing. There is no access to underneath of the lift for increased safety. It has very low maintenance cost and is driven by screw. And Dc motor. It has the best performance even in power outages.

There are mobility specialists who very well understand the business of accessibility. They have designed this product in such a way that it happens to be the ideal solution for wheelchair users.

  • The specialists are factory trained and certified professionals. They will provide you with the best solution as per the requirements.
  • These products met the ADA guidelines as well as the requirements of the local codes. Therefore you do not have to worry about the compliance.
  • The manufacturers of wheelchairs offer their customers the best products with several applications.
  • The vertical wheelchairs are ideal for commercial as well as residential purposes. They have stylish options and are easy to move and install.

These wheelchairs easily move onto the buildings without any kind of problem. They also come out with innovative designs so that the customers feel good to buy and use these products.