Fantastic Sacramento Taxi Rates and Discounts



As a frequent outdoor lover, I use taxis a lot to navigate from one point of the city to another. Although I have a car of my own, I sometimes prefer to have someone else drive me due to the stress of driving through traffic which I try to avoid as much as possible. Since hiring taxis is cheaper than paying a driver monthly, I use taxi a lot more often.  I never knew how much I was spending on taxi fares until one month out of curiosity I sat down on my living room couch and I did the math. To my chagrin I found out that I was spending almost a thousand dollars and sometimes more on transport costs. It was at this point I started paying more attention to how much I was paying for transportation. After looking for cheaper taxi options I settled for Sacramento taxi rates and discounts by Sacramento Taxi Yellow Cab.

What’s Special about this Taxi Company’s Rate?

I did my price comparison of the different rates offered by different taxi shuttle services in Sacramento and I found theirs to be the most cost effective and their service easy to use.

Fare Estimator: To start things off, I found Sacramento Yellow Taxi to be quite customer friendly with their online fare estimator. With this service I no longer had to sit uneasily in a taxi praying that the fare meter doesn’t charge me more than I have in my pocket. Before you use their service you can estimate fare costs by consulting their fare estimator. I found this feature to be quite helpful in calculating my fares ahead of time.

Competitive discounts: This company offers discounts to two passengers and above for as high as 25%. This for me was a big deal because I often had co passenger’s with me whose fares I was always responsible for. With this discount I could save a lot more on fares. This was an offer I couldn’t afford to turn down as only very few of their competitors offered such discounts.

Flat Rates: They also render their services at flat rates within selected locations. With such flat rates I could plan my expenditure before leaving home. If I was going to two different location within their purview I could use this rate to my advantage.

Out of Town Specials: Their out of town specials is also one that I found very attractive. Before if I needed to take a trip outside the Bay area I had to use another means of transport or pay an exorbitant sum for a taxi transport but with this offer I could make the same trip while paying less than I should have.

Sacramento taxi rates and discounts by Sacramento Taxi yellow cab offers passengers an opportunity to enjoy the same world class taxi service while paying less in the process. It is the price of fares that fall with this offer not the value of service. Passengers can estimate the cost of their fares by using their cost estimators and they can also take advantage of their periodic special offers.