Hays Oil Offers Top Rated Mighty Auto Parts


The need for regularly scheduled oil changes has never been more critical for the health of your vehicle and wallet. In today’s automobile industry, many warranty agreements have strict requirements for meeting the standards of oil changes and service.

Those who fail to bring cars in for routine checkups could be paying out-of-pocket if something goes wrong. That’s why Hays Oil carries a full line of top-rated Mighty Auto Parts that provide engine protection.

These are three top-rated Mighty Auto Parts products that will help you comply with your warranty and keep your vehicle from an unnecessary roadside emergency call.

  • Engine Guard II Oil Filters: This product provides top-flight coverage for upwards of 98 percent of all light trucks and passenger vehicles on the road today. The filter’s 97 percent efficiency rating is backed by its ability to remove particles as tiny as 5 microns that can damage your engine.
  • Mighty Air Filters: These tried-and-true products also offer coverage for 98 percent of all light trucks and passenger vehicles on the road today. With the ability to filter out particles between 40-80 microns, these smartly designed filters set the industry standard.
  • Engine Oil Supplements: While routine oil changes are a warranty and maintenance must for any vehicle, Mighty Auto Parts such as the OL103 additive reduces internal friction. This safeguard helps to lower engine temperatures, improve fuel efficiency, reduce sludge buildup and protects the life of your engine. What could be rated higher than a product that enhances performance and extends the life of your automobile?

While car, truck and SUV owners can simply meet warranty minimums, the benefits of top-rated Mighty Auto Parts provide carefree driving. You will no longer worry about breakdown coverage. Instead, you will wonder how many additional years your vehicle will provide you with safe travel. Visit Hays Oil for a full line of top-rated Mighty Auto Parts.