How frequently you should Replace Brakes?


Brakes as everyone understand is an essential part of every vehicle and should be in pristine condition to avoid any mishap. If required people should replace brakes or parts of it that are damaged or otherwise. However, the question which always confuses car owners is that how frequently or when one should replace or repair brakes.

The best thing is to check out the instruction manual for details or when in Pinehurst brake repair workshop, simply asking the professionals would help. The standard times when brakes should be replaced or repaired consists of:

  • Brake pad width
  • Skittish braking
  • Squealing noises

Take a look at these in details!

  1. Thickness of brake pads

When confused about replacing or repairing brakes, the first thing an individual should opt for is visiting an expert and making him/her check the thickness of brake pads during regular maintenance. However, if one wants he/she can check it on a daily basis too at home but primarily it should be checked whenever a car owner gets vehicle’s oil changed or tires rotated by a mechanic.

Without appropriate thickness, there is high chance of a brake fail scenario when driving a vehicle or simply it takes longer to stop, which again can lead to an accident.

  1. Skittish braking

If an individual feels that when pressing the brakes it feels jittery, then it means that rotors might be warped. This is a good time for people to take experts’ assistance here. Sometimes it can simply be cleaned, grind down rotor’s surface, etc. for ensuring it to be flat for solving issues. However, a more effective and much less expensive approach is to just replace brake rotor. Apart from being easier and cheaper option, it is also safer too.

  • Scraping or squealing noise

Brake pads come with minute metal hair kind of thing which is found at the bottom. This assists a driver to know about the time when gripping material will run out and stop working completely. This leads to a scraping or squealing sound that indicated that it’s time to replace these immediately so that one can drive a vehicle safely on road.

If an individual feels any of above mentioned things when driving a vehicle, it is high time to get brakes of that car replaced or repaired from professional brake repair service near Pinehurst. Without excellent functioning brakes, it will be quite impossible for people to drive safely.

Reasons for brakes to wear out

Numerous reasons are involved when it comes for breaks to wear out. Some of the common ones include driving habits, hardness of brake pads, materials used manufacturing brake rotor and pads, etc. For example, if one has the habit of using brakes frequently during driving then it will wear out quicker than people who don’t use it often.

Knowing about the frequent times when brakes should be replaced should help you understand what to look out for when the time comes. If you haven’t changed or repaired brakes in a while, it is best to simply get it checked by professionals immediately.