How Kia Presents the 2020 Edition of its Stinger Model Series


Stinger has been an exemplary model of full size sedans that fringes on the boundary of luxury with more weightage on its performance. It always had the perfect balance between comfort ride and nimble handling, which is a rare thing to be found in its class. Now that Kia has released the 2020 edition of its flagship sedan model Stinger, we are all curious to know what is awaiting for us, and more importantly, how Kia decided to present this series of sedans this year. In this search, our nearby Porter Kia dealer helped us explore the lineup with as much assistance we needed. And here are our findings.

Other Brand Inspirations

The 2020 year made Kia deliver through its Stinger sedan series a special ride composure that is achieved through ample acceleration and crisp steering responses, all well supported by its practical yet beautifully crafted body. After seeing the 2020 Kia Stinger for the first time, all we could assume is that it had many things in common with the German uber sedans that are manufactured both from the houses ofAudi andBMW, but at the same time, it has programmed its own gameplay.

What Got Changed for the 2020 Year Edition

For the 2020 year, Kia has decided to shrink down the lineup of Stinger to only four levels of trimming namely the GT-Line, GT, GT1, and GT2.

Power, Torque and Driving Dynamics

Among the above said four trim levels, the last three trim models of the 2020 Kia Stinger will have under their hoods the power of a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine that will churn out 365-hp with ease. The Base GT-Line models will have to manage with a turbo-4 engine, but wait, even with that it records a 255 horsepower, which is in fact the highest score for many sedans of its own segment. To ensure the handling goes smooth in every turn, Kia assigns an 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters for all engine options irrespective of their capacities.

So that the 2020 Stinger handles well, Kia equips the models with supple suspension components that can take over even the big bumps without a jerk, while its active noise cancellation system does not let any outside noise creep inside the cabin.

Levels of Comfort

Like always, Kia has not compromised space in any of the 2020 Stinger models. irrespective of the trim you choose, the manufacturer will guarantee you of a spacious interior. Both the front and rearseats make the occupants soak in comfort, as all of them come wrapped in soft, rich leather upholstery. The front seats being power-adjustable offer the perfect seating angle for all.

To load your stuff, Kia allows to fold down the rear seats to open up a large cargo room as big as some of the SUVs, measuring up to 23.3 cu ft.

Safety Level

The staff at the Kia dealer Porter informed that to ensure a safe ride, Kia issues a bevy of active safety techs like automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control as optional features on your 2020 Kia Stinger model.