How to Increase Your GM Truck’s Horsepower


Like so many other GM truck owners, you’re probably looking to increase horsepower. Fortunately, there are several GM truck performance parts available. Let’s check out the most effective ways to boost your vehicle’s output.

Performance Exhaust

Replacing your pickup’s stock exhaust system is among the easiest ways to improve power. Because of a performance exhaust system’s free-flowing design, your engine is able to breathe a lot easier. This simple upgrade can result in a 10-15 percent increase in total power. A performance exhaust will also give your truck a far meaner sound. High-quality units are made of stainless steel, which ensures excellent long-term durability.

Cold Air Intake

Your truck’s stock air intake is engineered to be as quiet as possible. Unfortunately, its restrictive design sacrifices a great deal of performance. The best approach is to simply get a GM cold air intake. By feeding more oxygen into your engine, a cold air intake is able to noticeably boost power. You also won’t have to worry about replacing a cold air intake anytime in the near future. Reusable filters enable you to easily wash away dirt and other contaminants. It only takes less than an hour to install the average cold air intake, which makes this the perfect project for do-it-yourselfers.

Performance Programmer

Every GM truck needs a performance programmer. This feature tunes your engine for the optimum power delivery. Whether you’re seeking a quicker throttle response or crave extra torque for pulling big loads, a performance programmer will help you to accomplish your goals. Fuel economy can also be improved with the help of a performance programmer. Most importantly, it’s incredibly easy to use. After plugging the programmer into your truck’s PCM, you’ll be able to easily calibrate the responsiveness of the engine and transmission.

Forced Induction

If you really want to take the performance of your GM truck to the next level, consider installing a forced induction system. You can choose either a supercharger or a turbocharger. Both of these power adders have their own specific benefits. Many drivers enjoy the everyday practicality of a supercharger. When using a supercharger at low boost, the long-term durability of your engine will not be sacrificed. It’s a great option for a stock engine. Meanwhile, a turbocharger has the potential to develop even more power. Regardless of which one you pick, look forward to experiencing a major increase in total horsepower.

High-Flow Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are specifically designed to limit environmental emissions. On the downside, your truck’s factory-installed catalytic converter can hinder performance. To solve this issue, install a high-flow catalytic converter. It will increase power across the entire RPM range.

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