Is It Worth Enrolling in a Driving School?


For the teenagers, driving is often a symbol of freedom, independence, fun, and excitement. They desperately wait to get behind the wheels, but for parents, it is a time of anxiety, worry, and unending stress. Some parents prefer to teach driving to their kids themselves, but most of them often rely on a driving school to do the job. The former category of parents generally doubts if it is worth enrolling in a driving school. To clarify their doubts, it’s worth every penny to enroll in a driving school. Here are a few reasons to justify that.

  • The rules of roads are not only complicated but also differ from country to country. Even a seasoned driver from one country takes a little time to understand the rules and regulations in other countries. In such a scenario, it makes complete sense to let your kid learn from a local driving school. For example, Morty’s Driving School has been in the business for 40 years in areas like Montreal, West Island, and Vaudreuil. They know about all the rules of the roads there and thus learning from them makes complete sense.

  • Driving schools have learned and experienced staff to teach. This ensures that the teens get a solid foundation right at the start, which will turn them into responsible drivers over time.

  • Learning from a driving school has a major benefit in insurance premiums. If you add a teen driver to your policy, it becomes expensive. However, if the teen has completed a driving education program, the premium rates come down quite significantly. Driving schools thus help in cutting down on insurance premiums.

  • You get an option of learning on the school-supplied vehicles. This prevents the abuse of your own vehicle, which is inevitable when learning to drive. It is normally in terms of boiling the brake fluid, overheating the engine, continuously keeping the foot on the clutch etc.

Learning the basic traits from a driving school is the best bet for building your confidence on the road. They are skilled to teach you step by step giving you both theory and practical classes and making you equipped in the stipulated time frame. However, no one becomes a complete master within a few days of learning. You need to practice regularly for the initial few days to master it and gain a certain level of maturity behind the wheels. For that, it’s always better to take the help of parents or skilled and experienced friends.