Kinds of Auto Repair Services Offered by Honda 


Like every other leading auto manufacturers Honda offers auto repair services for its customers. So, if you own a Honda vehicle, you will be automatically eligible to use the Honda auto repair services, wherein you can also be offered special discounts on many services, shared an administrative staff of the Honda service department Petaluma.

All Under the Same Roof

When we asked them the kinds of services, we can get done at their service center, they handed over us a list that was too long to be read at once. But it was clear from that piece of paper, that under the same roof of a Honda service department you can get all the repair services done, which otherwise would have taken you to multiple auto repair and auto body shops.

In other words, be it a repair at the physical and cosmetic level, or any mechanical ones, the best place where you can get everything done for your Honda vehicle, is their dedicated service centers.

Here we must mention, that after a collision, when you hand over your Honda car to their repair center, the staff there will automatically take charge and let you know the kinds of repair your car will need immediately and at a later stage. They will start their repair work only after a thorough investigation of your car. So, if there are any mechanical damage, they will address them too, and in right succession of events.

Auto Body Repairs

If your Honda car has encountered any collision, you can get all the damages repaired at a Honda repair center, that got caused to its body. Be it a simple scratch or dent repair, whether there is any damage to its structure or frame, whether it is the bumper that needs a repair or replacement, you can get them done at a Honda service center, where you will be handed over a car, repaired and painted as good as new.

In case your car windshield, windows or the door locks are at fault, you can get them repaired from the same place again. So, all in all you can get your Honda car body repaired at any Honda repair center.

Mechanical Repairs

At a Honda service center, as mentioned above they will first examine your Honda car, before they start with any repair process. This way they get to know the course of actions in which they should progress the repair job. They will address the mechanical issues first, unless there I a structural damage, and then only engage themselves in repairing the body repairs.

So, at a Honda service center, right from the engine to transmission, from acceleration to the brakes, from the exhaust system to the suspension and other drive components, everything is taken care of. Since a Honda service center will be controlled by the manufacturer itself, your car will be touched and treated only by Honda certified mechanics and the parts they will use to relace the damaged ones, will also be Honda OEM ones, reassured the staff of the Petaluma Honda service department.