List of Aspects to Check Before Buying a Used Car


Purchasing a used car will always come with a major dilemma for the new buyers for whom, it is a big task to gather knowledge about the past of this vehicle. There will be many aspects that can create a tug of war in the buyer’s mind, both for and against such a purchase, that involves quite a sum of money but won’t necessarily involve a peace of mind. But if you learn a few tactics about how to go about buying a used car purchase, you can assure that peace of mind equally or even more than buying a new one. If that makes you sit straight, this article is meant for you.

This checklist that we are furnishing below, is a consolidated one that once we learned from an experienced seller who served at one of the most reputable used Chevrolet dealer showroom. Till date we had experienced many successful used car purchase, just by remembering these tips by heart.


To ensure that the used car isn’t a stolen one, you need to check the following documents without fail. That said, we also indicate that a car shouldn’t be purchased, unless, all of these documents are furnished to you. so you need to check the following papers:

  • Registration papers,
  • Insurance papers,
  • NOC (no-objection certificate)

Test Drive

Never ever sign up any deal without test driving a car. That’s applicable even to new cars, but you need to be extra careful, when the car is a used one. So, here’s a list of components you need to check during the test drive.

Engine: The moment you start the engine, it should purr but not make any weird sound like spluttering or knocking. Look for such noises also while changing gears.

Brakes: Try applying the brakes at the speed of 30-50 km and see where the car stops. It should ideally stop maintaining a straight line. Try the same on a slope and by applying the handbrake to  make sure all the brakes are sound in health.

Tires: Used cars are driven cars. Surely the tires of any used car will not look as good as a new one, but that will add to your task of checking for the level of wear and tear and the alignment. If the tires of the car seem to be not in a happy condition, you can bargain the price down.

Exhaust: this is an important part to check especially while purchasing a used car, look for the color of emission when you start the car. Blue smokefrom the exhaust is a clear indication of engine problems, while black smoke will represent a fuel inefficient engine. And in all these cases, the car is not to be purchased.

Steering Wheel: Check the response time and effort. Remember, a vibrating steering is a clear clue for troubles ahead.

Odometer Reading

This is a major component to be checked for any used car. The odometerof a car that is 3-5 year old car should read between 14,000 km to 18,000 km in a year and will also make a good buy, says the expert from our long trusted used Chevy dealer.