Monsoon Love for Your Car


Overcast skies, grey clouds and cooler weather can mean only one thing — the monsoons are upon us. And while you would like to do nothing more than snuggle into your blanket, or enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the comfort of your home; the truth is that more often than not, you find yourself driving through heavy rain showers and water logged roads. While some rain drives are enjoyable, being stuck in traffic and driving through flooded roads don’t fall under that parameter. Driving in the rains can be tricky, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can ensure every monsoon drive is a safe one.

When the Rains Are Here

Tyre Talk

It seems a bit obvious, but getting tyres checked before the rains hit is a fantastic idea. Tyres are often missed out in the preparing-your-cars-for-the-monsoons list. Worn out tyres offer next to no grip on any kind of roads – be they wet roads or dry. Tyre treads are also an important aspect to consider while prepping for the monsoons. A good set of tyres (including the spare) give your car an extra grip on slippery roads.

Just The Right Pressure

Speaking of tyres, it’s important to check the tyre pressure for all your tyres, including the spare, often during the rains. Under and over inflated tyres are not good thing to be driving with. For one, they increase fuel consumption, which means frequent refuelling stops. Under-inflated tyres will increase the amount of contact between the car and the road, while over-inflated tyres will not give you a strong grip on the road. Both are detrimental during the rains. So, it’s absolutely important to keep the tyre pressure at the right levels.

Brake It Up

Having a worn-out brake pad is a bad thing on any day, and worse during the rains. So, make sure you change the brake pads as soon as possible, to avoid skidding on wet roads. The brakes should be sharp but progressive.

Engine Oil

Monsoon traffic is a difficult thing to deal with for you. And your car. The constant gear shifts tend to put a lot of pressure on the car’s engine. And so, it is important to invest in a good engine oil, such as the NeoSynth 5W30 Engine Oil. It’s superior quality and highly advanced additives offer superior control on wear and tear and a longer engine life, which means you can drive your car smoothly, during any weather.

Wiper Care

Wipers quickly become the most important part of the car when you’re driving in the rains. And so, it is important to get those wipers and blades checked.

Down Under

In taking care of the top of the car, don’t forget that the underside of the car needs protecting from the rain too. Creating a film of engine oil and water will help keep the dust, grime and water away.

Don’t Cover It Up

As tempting as it is to keep your car covered during the rains, it’s actually a bad idea. While the cover will keep leaves and twigs from falling on your car, the moisture from the rain tends to make the cover stick to the car. And in removing the cover, there’s the possibility that the car’s paint can get damage. So, as far as possible, avoid covering your car and parking under trees.

When The Rains Are Gone

While everything that has been said above will help protect your car during the rains, it will do you and your car a lot of good if you take these measures with and without the rains.