Quick guide for selecting long-term car rental in Quebec!


If you are shifting to Quebec for work, or need to stay here for more than a month, it only makes sense to rent car. Like most parts of Canada, Quebec can be explored better in your vehicle, and with services like Location Decarie, selecting a long-term rental service is not hard anymore. Of course, as with any service, some initial research always comes in handy, and in this post, we are discussing further on how you can book the right car for a longer period.

Understanding “long-term” car rental services

When we talk of “long-term”, we are usually referring to a period of one-month or more. However, in most cases, long-term car rental in Quebec may refer to at least a 3-month period. Every service is different, so please ask in advance. Coming to the costs, it depends on the vehicle you choose, but more than that, it also depends on the term. If you choose to rent a car for more than three months, you can negotiate and get a better price. Typically, you can expect to pay a fixed charge per month in such cases, and the best services may ask for as low as $799 per month. Make sure that the price asked for is the final price, and there are no hidden charges and fees. Also, some companies may have an additional discount when you have your own insurance.

Things to check

If you don’t have insurance, we recommend that you check for it, and ensure that the insurance is valid for Canada and USA. The rental vehicle for longer-term may need repairs and maintenance, and it only makes sense to select a company that provides the same, because such expenses can be high. Since Quebec is known for its winters, you may want to check if the vehicles are offered with choice of summer and winter tires. Rental companies can cap the number of kilometres you can cover each month, and we recommend that you ask about all possible restrictions. On-road assistance and the range and collection of vehicles available are other aspects to take note.

Final word

For long-term car rental, it is always wise to go for a known and reliable service. Also, if you don’t have a credit card, check if the company will accept payment otherwise. Think of rental car as an investment for at least a few months and choose the model accordingly.