Reasons to Choose A Junk Car Buyer Over Selling Your Car Online


You are busy making plans to buy a new car. However, your porch space is occupied by the old one. You are left in a dilemma whether to sell your car online or junk your car. When you consider the perks, the meter obviously tips over to junking your car.

Time is money

You have a hectic schedule professionally and personally. Trying to find a buyer online, demands that you squeeze out some time for the process. You have to invest time in cleaning your car, taking pictures, posting competitive ads, spending time over phones and emails discussing price, loan approvals and fixing meetings with your buyer.

Also, it would mean playing to the whims of your potential buyer’s time schedule. Car removal Sydney services can save your time. They don’t go into the nitty-gritty of your vehicle’s make or build or appearance. Also, free hauling of your car to the salvage yard saves you both money and time.

Instant cash

As said before, time is money. You will have to do more legwork and invest your precious time in finding a dependable buyer. It might take weeks or a couple of months to seal the deal. If we equate the time you spend on selling, the returns you get at the end of the deal, is not much.

While trying to sell online, you will be paying for advertisements, posting fees and gasoline for the test drive. In some cases, you might have to pay the buyer’s mechanic for inspection of your car. Junking avoids all these money drain. When you opt for car removal services, you are rewarded with instant cash in your hands.

Higher price

If your car is too old, having substantial mechanical problems, it is difficult to find a buyer soon. Here, the salvage yard comes to your rescue. They are more focused on the metal that your car can provide, rather than the mileage or battery life or engine power it can provide. You are provided with a higher payment than what selling online can provide.

Screen the imposters

Even well-established online car sellers like Craigslist, are not immune to scammers. You have to be extra cautious while dealing online, as you don’t have a first-person account of the credibility of the buyer. The cheque that you receive from your buyer, might be bogus. It is advised not to sign the title of your car before you receive cash in hand.

This approach of giving cash first and getting the title signed, will deter many buyers. We won’t know, how much caution is too much caution. Instances like this is avoided by choosing to junk your car. Companies like Active Car Removal Sydney, provides cash for cars Sydney wide.


The peace provided by choosing to junk your car over selling it online are many. You need not worry about dependable buyers or free-hauling services or instant and higher cash quotes. These are well covered by the car removal service provider.