Smart Classic Car Usage You Simply Need Now


Classic cars have become a fashionable object in the last 10 years. Their price is changing accordingly. Over this period, some models have seen their rating double! Before embarking on the purchase of a vintage car, some essential tips are needed to avoid disappointments that can quickly turn a passion purchase into a nightmare.

In this first part, we will discuss the choice of the model. Indeed, according to your desires, your budget and the use you want to make your collector car, it is essential to think carefully about the models that meet your criteria. Discover more with Clasiq now.

Set your budget

First of all do not forget that a vintage car, unlike a new car or occasional occasion, does not see its value depreciate. For example a Lancia Flavia Coupé of 1966 was worth around 10 000 euros to the years 2008-2009, today, the same model approaches 30 000. This point is essential, because even if it should not be the main motivation for buying a vintage car, it is now a real investment.

Lancia Flavia Coupon classic car buying tips Defining your purchase budget is one thing, but remember that a vintage car is at least 25-30 years old. Once purchased, there will necessarily be a fee to make the most of it. If you set a total budget of 10,000 euros, it is wise not to exceed a purchase price of 7-8,000. This will leave room for future work.

Choose your vintage car model

Once the budget question has been defined, the model should be chosen carefully. Obviously if you want to buy your grandfather’s Renault 8 or the Peugeot 504 in which your dad took you to school, the choice is obvious and you just have to check that your budget allows you.

In case you do not have a particular and indisputable affection for a model, several criteria must guide your choice.

What use?

Depending on whether you want to go out once a month to gather your passionate club or regularly use your car, including to occasionally go to work or on vacation, the choice will be different. In the first case, a car from the 50s or even before the war can fill you.

In the second, it’s better to think of a car from the 60’s or later. Indeed, from this era, the cars have a reliability and performance that still allow a serene use including in heavy traffic and difficult conditions (traffic jams). Thus one can very well go on vacation 500 km away with a Peugeot 404 or Renault 16 sixties while enjoying comfort conditions quite acceptable.

Which collector are you?

This is an essential point. The purchase of a vintage car must first and foremost be a pleasure. Some models can quickly ruin it if you are not prepared. If you opt for an exotic and uncommon model, you will obviously benefit from you stand out, but remember that scarcity also leads to a much more restrictive maintenance.