Smog check to control emission from automobiles



The toxic and polluted gases which emit due to the burning of fuel in vehicles are one of the major contributors of air pollution. To reduce air pollution every state has implemented different vehicle testing laws to check if the vehicles are conforming to the safety standards or not. California has its own regulation for that purpose which is called the California smog test program. Every vehicle in California which were built in 1976 or later have to take part in the smog test program every two years and submit certification for smog check to renew the vehicle registration. Without smog checking, one can’t get their renewed registration card. The vehicle which fails to pass the smog test won’t get the renewed registration.

Smog test in every city of California is performed in licensed smog test facilities. There are different types of smog test stations such as test only station, test and repair station, and repair station only. For the smog check Chula Vista has a number of smog test stations where vehicles are to be tested for emission.  They are equipped with advanced technological tools required for the diagnosis to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

There are a number of auto repair shop in Chula Vista which are authorized smog testing centers. They can perform smog tests for all sorts of vehicles like car, truck, SUV, and many others. If those vehicles fail to pass the smog check the auto repair shops can take care of all the necessary repairing work on the vehicle and advise the owners on the same. In Chula Vista, a vehicle owner can search for an auto repair shop near me online to find out the list of all the certified auto repair shops for smog check that is there around that location.