Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil  


When you go to have your oil changed, one of the questions you will be asked is whether you want to use synthetic or conventional oil. Many people are unsure how to answer this question, as they do not know the difference between the two types of oil and which one is better suited for their automobile. Here are some of the differences between synthetic and conventional oil.

Motor Performance

Synthetic oil helps your motor to perform better. It is designed to increase the performance of the oil. The biggest difference between synthetic and conventional oil is that overtime, conventional oil can turn into sludge as it encounter dirt and debris within the engine. This causes the engine to work harder to move the oil. Synthetic oil is designed to remain sludge-free, helping it to flow through the engine, which in turn, helps your engine to perform better.

The Longevity of the Motor and the Car

Once again, synthetic oil has conventional oil beat in this category. Synthetic oil can help your motor and your car to last as long as possible. If you are looking to extend the life of your car, using synthetic oil can help you achieve this goal.

The Price

Synthetic and conventional oil both cost different amounts. Conventional oil is cheaper than synthetic oil. However, conventional oil needs to be replaced more frequently than synthetic oil. As such, a conventional oil change may cost you less money, but needs to be done more frequently, which means, that in the long run, both options end up costing about the same amount.

Which Types of Cars Benefit From the Different Oils

If you have a newer car or an older car, you may wonder which oil is more beneficial for your car. Synthetic oil is the perfect choice for both types of cars. This is because synthetic oil helps to keep the engine cleaner and running more efficiently. This helps to extend the lifespan of a newer car, while protecting older cars from excessive wear that can lead to their demise.

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