The Benefits of Limousine Covers


One of our top sellers is the limousine cover. There is a good reason for that, the individual that has the business of transporting people has a very important job. The one thing that is very important is the limousine; this vehicle must be in tip top shape inside and out to make a good presentation. The limousine must look good. So as an owner operator or an employee you must take good care of the exterior of your limousine in every way possible. You must keep it clean and ready for service at a moments notice. There are many things you do to keep the limousine clean. First is to wash and wax it so the vehicle looks its best, next to keep it clean you need a limousine cover so between calls you can cover your vehicle and keep the dust off the exterior, and the sun from heating your vehicle up and causing UV damage to the interior.

We get calls from independent owners and big company’s that have a fleet of Limousines. The first thing they ask, do we have a limousine covers  that will handle all the weather conditions, like sun, rain, ice and snow as well as wind and is it waterproof. The answer to all these questions is yes; our limousine cover is made to handle all weather from the Alaska cold to the Arizona sun. This cover is made with 3 layers and has been treated for UV rays and specially waterproofed at the factory to keep your vehicle dry in a major down pour. The cover material also can breathe so when condensation is trapped under the cover it will allow it to pass though the cover. Only in rare conditions like very cold days when there is snow and ice on the cover you might experience icing under the cover that is the cover is frozen to the vehicle surface. To fix this, take hot water and pour it on the cover till it lets loose, if you find that the cover is still stuck in some places repeat the process again until it can be removed completely.

The limousine cover is also equipped with tie down grommets to secure the cover in windy conditions. We send you the cover with a cable lock which is very good at stopping somebody from stealing your cover. The cable lock also helps in the wind to keep the cover from flapping and coming off. There is more then one tie down point to keep the cover secure, I like to use bungee cords for this, and it keeps good tension and is easy to use. All are covers can be washed. When the cover has become dirty take it to a commercial Laundromat and use the extra capacity washers to clean your cover, however do not dry the cover in a dryer as it will damage it. We suggest placing the cover on your vehicle and let it dry there. If the weather is cloudy then find a clean place to lay it out and let it dry. But never dry it in a dryer.

If you find that the cover is wet and you have to remove it so you can us the limousine. That’s OK it is mold and mildew resistant, but when you have the opportunity be sure and dry it out. Our covers come with a bag to store the cover in; this is very convenient for storing the cover in the trunk. If you store the cover in the bag and it is wet don’t forget to take it out and let it dry, even though the cover is mildew and mold resistant if you leave the cover in the bag wet there is a chance the cover will wet rot and that will damage it. All of our covers come with a 30 day money back guarantee and a warranty from the manufacturer.

I wanted to take some time to write about limousine covers. Limo drivers work hard driving people to and fro. In and out of traffic, putting up with demanding clientele, waiting for newly wed’s, concerts to be over etc. They also have to maintain a clean welcoming vehicle. Keeping it covered sure would save them some time. Time they could take to relax for a bit. We sure know they deserve it.

In today’s world you can buy covers for just about any vehicle, car covers,truck covers, SUV covers, ATV covers, RV covers, boat covers and yes, even limousine covers. Fortunately for the hard working limousine drivers, they can purchase a cover fairly easy over the Internet. Sizes range form 22′ to 32′ stretch. With all this information, it begs the question, why wouldn’t a limo driver want a cover for their office on wheels?

Covers today range in quality from your basic 2 laer design to 4 layer premium quality fleece lined covers. Different climates command a different cover. Whether they are located in sunny Phoenix or the streets of New York City, there is a cover available that will work.

Not only will a cover preserve a clean limousine it will also protect it from the potential damages in their surrounding environment. In Phoenix, the sun and blowing dust would be the worst enemy, the suns UV rays can fade the finish and blowing dust can cause fine scratches. Don’t forget the Monsoon hail which can cause dimples on the surface. In New York with harsh winters, hail, sleet, rain and ice can damage the finish over time. There is also the problem of vandals in some areas, why tempt them? if the limousine is covered they are less likely to mess with it or try to break in for a joy ride.

Before purchasing a cover, be sure to shop around for the best price. You will also want to check the warranties, return policies and shipping fee’s if any. Try using one of the more popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. All you have to do is plug in limousine cover, hit search and you will find many options to investigate.