The different types of adaptive driving equipment


N adaptive equipment is a device that is usually used in completing the daily living activities. It could include grooming, bathing, feeding, dressing, toileting and also activities of self care. Basically adaptive equipments are used to increase a common man’s functions. For example technological assistance through wheelchairs, gait trainers, lifts, augmentative communication devices, standing frames, bath chairs and lastly some recreational items as well such as tricycles and swings.

There is a huge market for the adaptive driving equipment which is gaining great popularity in the present generation. The adaptive equipment is also known by some other name which is an assistive technology. Especially these equipments are used in mobility vans. This is basically to help the person who is disabled to operate the vehicle working on motors if they wish to operate or drive one. The adaptive driving equipment is available in many types. Some of them are as follows:

  • Wheelchair– A motorized wheelchair is a type of chair which is attached with wheels that can help the person who is unable to walk to drive the vehicle. The person may also suffer from some sort of illness, disability, injury and many more.
  • Prosthetic devices– It is an artificial device which is used to load the bodies into the vehicle. When the person’s lower body is not functioning properly then this equipment is used while driving.
  • Orthotic devices– This device is used to brace or correct the deformities and align. These devices help to improve the different movements by the spine, joints and also limbs.
  • Prosthetic devices- This is also an artificial devices which is used as a replacement of a missing part of the body. The person may be suffering from some sort of accident, illness and also any birth effect.