The Master Operators’ Self-help guide to Managing Fuel Costs- Part 1


As all owner operators knows, fuel prices is really a ongoing concern – regardless if you are just beginning out or if you’re a classic hands at haulage. Jobs both small and big need fuel, that is costly. However, owner operators do not have the same options as big companies in relation to fuel. When you’re buying for huge fleets, you will probably secure deals and will be offering. Today, I’ll give some tips round the techniques used in purchasing diesel that exist for the smaller sized sized operators and explain the advantages and disadvantages of employing these methods for getting your vehicles out on the road on haulage jobs.

To Bulk Buy or else to Bulk Buy

Most big companies bulk buy. This really is really minimal costly method of getting a product, since the more you purchase, the less it’s. Therefore, it might be tempting to setup a bulk vehicle’s gas tank within your operating center to provide cheaper diesel for that trucks. However, with an owner operator, tying your hard earned dollars inside a aquarium may well be a harmful move for several reasons.

Make sure that is stays Eco-friendly: If you undertake decide to store fuel in the tank, you need to acquire one which protects the encompassing atmosphere from leaks. If you don’t continue with the rules, the climate Agency can impose lots of money cost of fines. Investing in a specialist tank can be very pricey and might not be useful.

You Will Need Cash: Most owner operators do not have lots of cash to hands – that’s normal. However, to acquire a good set you back would buy around 30,000 litres of diesel, costing a lot of money. After securing your car, additionally to insurance as well as other costs, you’re unlikely to own much cash around. Additionally, just like a home based business it’s frequently challenging credit.

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Security: Getting a lot of litres of diesel in the tank is much like getting lots of money of cash overlooked. The fuel ought to be properly guaranteed, or it’ll be prone to thieves. The cost of putting in extra security rarely is within cost-effective for smaller sized sized operators.

Other Choices: Fuel Cards and Retail Fuel Cards

Careful analysis some tank is that you simply top-your vehicles when they are on haulage jobs. It can be done by getting a regular bank card, however which means that you will be getting to pay for retail cost and you’ll be unable to calculate the cost of the diesel in a single day-to another. If you undertake choose this process, make sure that you simply keep their hands on all receipts, so that you can reclaim the VAT later on.

Alternatively, utilize a fuel card. Prepaid cards is only able to purchase diesel or gas (you’ll be able to specify this yourself), and so are consequently much safer when compared to a bank card. Furthermore guide with administration, when you receive just one invoice every week together with your spending collated. This protects lots of time and that is usually spent fussing with receipts. Clearly, no strategy is perfect: prepaid cards frequently tie you to definitely certainly only one provider, who’ll request a charge for each card.

Still concerned about purchasing methods? Inside my next article, I’ll offer a lot more suggestions, aiding you select the option that is right for your organization.