The RED Auto Difference


There are many auto protection plan companies. However, RED Auto Protection is different. In an industry full of scams, RED Auto stands out of the crowd.

RED Auto is “A” Rated in everything. That is why it is an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is something that is difficult to accomplish in the auto protection industry. However, RED Auto Protection is not your typical business.

RED Auto Protection reviews found on the paint a picture of a company that tries to go over and above expectations. Most competitors of RED Auto have been reported to the Ripoff Report for bad business practices. Some even have an F+ rating with the BBB.

RED Auto Protection is different. They do not merely care about making a sale. Instead, they offer the highest quality of vehicle protection with integrity and honesty. Integrity is in the DNA of RED Auto. That is why it is a BBB certified business.

RED Auto does not only want to attract new customers. It also wants to retain existing customers. At RED Auto Protection, customer is king.

There is a customer-centric focus right from the executive team to the lowest levels of the company. Elijah Norton, the founder of RED Auto had a vision of creating an ethical company that offers excellent auto protection plans nationwide. He did exactly that and passed the mantle to Trevor Smith, who was formerly the Chief Marketing Officer of the company.

RED Auto Protection is a lifeline. It is the second side of the vehicle protection equation. Insurance protects you against collision. A RED Auto plan protects you against breakdowns, which are far more common than collisions. Over 80% of motorists with a vehicle protection plan will use it a number of times in a year. However, less than 10% of motorists with collision insurance will ever use it.

RED Auto contracts are transparent and easy to understand. They are devoid of false promises, confusing terms, and hidden charges. What you see is what you will get.

The claims process is easy, clear, and straightforward. There will be compensation for every covered repair. You will not have to wait for days or weeks for repairs. If you are anywhere within the United States or Canada, you simply call RED Auto’s Roadside Assistance. A tow service will come to your rescue and transport your vehicle to the nearest repair facility.

You will not pay for anything, as is the case with extended warranty contracts. For extended warranty, you pay first and reimbursement happens later. For RED Auto Protection, the company settles your repair bill upfront over the phone using a corporate credit card.

RED Auto Protection does not offer extended warranty. Instead, it offers the most comprehensive and reliable auto protection plan. You need to understand that the two are different.

RED Auto’s protection plan is far much better than a warranty. The vehicle manufacturer offers extended auto warranty through a dealership. Often times, this warranty has serious restrictions and limits. It might only cover the powertrain of your vehicle.

An auto protection plan from RED Auto Protection covers more than the powertrain. It is offered by a third party administrator, insured by an insurance company with a contractual liability insurance policy. This policy protects customers in case the third party administrator goes out of business.

Many extended car warranties are not insured. Therefore, if a manufacturer becomes bankrupt, claims might not be honored, as was the case with SAAB.

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