Top 3 Accident Types Handled By Motorcycle Crash Lawyer


Meeting an accident in Michigan is something everybody must have gone through once in the lifetime. If you have just arrived from other city and have not registered your vehicle for insurance in Michigan, laws will be different for you. If you do accident with an unregistered or uninsured vehicle, the penalties are very high. Thus, it is better to have knowledge about when and how to reach Michigan Motorcycle Crash Lawyer.

Accident types for which you can consult motorcycle crash lawyer

When and when not to consult a motorcycle crash lawyer is where the entire trick lies. Rushing to the lawyer at drop of the hat is nothing but waste of time. So, first try your way to get settlement done. And, if you do not succeed, then come to the motorcycle crash attorney who can be of great help in accidents such as:

  1. Pedestrian hit on road: If you have got into an accident hitting the pedestrian on road, it will really be difficult for you to pacify the victim on your own. His adamant stand to harass you for hitting him may require you to approach the court of law to prove you innocence or to settle for an affordable compensation.
  2. Involve in accident with no-fault covered vehicle: As a motorcyclist, your rights are limited on the roads of Michigan. The automotives are covered with no-fault insurance and you will be getting only what the insurance company of the accused vehicle owner offers. But, the motorcycle crash lawyer can help you in getting heard in special cases where surpassing no-fault law is required.
  3. Settlement issues with insurance companies: You pay lot of premium, but even that doesn’t guarantee good cover at the time of need due to ridiculous explanations provided by the insurance company. Thus, you have to drag your insurer to the court when damage is way more than compensation offered.

So, the role of lawyer is to protect you as per your rights and to help you win compensation that you deserve.