What are the Factors Responsible for Distracted Driving


If you have a car or any other types of automobile, you must be well aware of the safety measures while behind the steering wheel of your vehicle. All automobile-related laws and other rules and regulations such as Buford Law as well as government and non-government agencies along with various non-profit stakeholders often raise awareness on road safety with an expectation that every driver would become responsible to follow prescribed directions resulting in no or fewer auto accidents. Unfortunately, the incidents of auto-accidents, on the other hand, are growing day by day with greater hazards involving seasoned and experienced drivers as well as newly licensed teens. In this context, all especially the drivers must be aware of the reasons that are basically responsible for auto-accidents and about the factors behind the reasons of auto-accidents.

One of the basic reasons responsible for auto-accident is the distracted driving and the factors behind distracted driving are texting while driving, drinking alcohol, consumption of food and drinks, mobile phones, destruction created by pets and kids in the car, sun on the horizon, tuning in radio station and changing CDs or selecting a music in the music player, pedestrian hotties, various types of surprises, applying make-up or fixing hair or applying lipstick by viewing the rear mirror etc.

Some of the above-mentioned factors of the distracted driving may seem less important such as texting, but texting is one of the major factors for distracted driving resulting in 1.3 million or 23% of the total auto-accidents in the year 2013 in the US. Drinking while driving or impaired come second to texting in the same year with 20% of total auto-accidents in the country. Eventually, these statistics show how distracted driving can cause you devastating auto-accident with high possibilities of fatalities.