What Kind of Helmet Choices As per the Requirement


This is a question that any motorcycle or scooter user asks regularly, starting in the equipment phase, experienced biker replacing his old used helmet. How to make a good choice and try before buying his new helmet? To not get your head up, here’s the helmet guide, the advice and advice of the resort.

The choice and the purchase of a helmet of motorcycle or scooter, that it is of the integral type, AGV, full face or still flexible, answers always the same questions: the use which will be made, the type of motor bike or scooter on which it will be worn, its approval, its price, its technology, the aesthetic preferences of its purchaser or its morphological specificities, the shape of his skull, to name the essential. All these factors will be able to disarm some, worse to make them a bad deal, while taken separately and methodically, these essential criteria in the choice of AGV helmets or scooter will be the best guarantors of a long and happy life, styled with dignity, comfort and safety. All you need to know to buy your helmet motorcycle or scooter is to read immediately on motorcycle station! Let’s start with the different types of headphones available on the market.

Choose your helmet: the main tips

Different types of helmets for different uses

Which helmet for which use? This is the first question to ask before buying. Certainly, a helmet is chosen according to its budget, but also and especially its use and the type of motorcycle or scooter on which it will be worn.

The AGV helmet

The most basic helmet for motorcycle and scooter is also the most economical. The AGV is very represented in all brands. It also offers the greatest diversity of prices, from a few tens of euros for supermarket helmets (which we do not recommend) to several hundred for high-end models Italian, Japanese or European. The AGV is the urban helmet par excellence, intended for small and slow journeys.

It has the advantage of offering a very good field of vision and natural ventilation in the beautiful season. His lack of protection against the wind quickly becomes painful at high speed and cruising, especially as the helmet tends to rise by pulling consistently on the chinstrap. Of course, its shape is also at the origin of his other big weak point: a random protection in the event of an accident.

  • Motorcycle or scooter AGV helmet: the essentials
  • Price: very wide range, from a few tens to several hundred euros
  • Offer: just as wide as prices, from low to high end
  • Two wheels: for small and medium-sized cars, motorcycles or scooters
  • Comfort: to be preferred especially in summer and in dry weather, and at low speed, given the lack of facial protection (think glasses).