Why Digital Vehicle Inspection by Tekmetric is Crucial for Your Automotive Shop


With so many auto body shops available, it can be downright impossible to keep things running efficiently when dealing with hundreds of customers a week. In this day and age, you need an automated system that essentially does the work for you. Tekmetric has created a digital vehicle inspection software that not only handles car inspections for you, but allows you to put this data in with the state so that the vehicle has a fresh new inspection on it while out on the road.

What is Digital Vehicle Inspection Software?

Digital vehicle inspection software was designed by Tekmetric to take the work out of doing this job manually. The program looks for any problems with the car being serviced and will let your technician know if the vehicle has passed or failed. You can then alert the customer of this and give them a sticker for their window if their car passed the inspection and is deemed safe to be driven on the road.

Why Your Shop Needs Automated Programs

The reason your shop needs automated programs is because it is difficult and even impossible to keep track of customer information manually. The Tekmetric program not only helps with digital vehicle inspection, but it can essentially help with running your entire shop for you. From keeping track of inventory to dealing with work orders and everything in between, the Tekmetric difference is astounding and is one of the best in its industry. Plus, making use of this program saves your technicians a lot of time and energy so that they can spend more time with the customers who are going to need their assistance while having their cars worked on.

The Tekmetric Difference

Tekmetric has designed a wide range of these programs to be easy and quick to use. The company works exclusively on its shop management software that helps to keep every aspect of the business running efficiently. Recently, they began to work on digital vehicle inspection programming that could be used by virtually any type of shop no matter how big or small it happens to be. Because there are so many different programs that Tekmetric has made available, it is time to consider the benefits of choosing this brand over others that might be available to you.

Using and Storing in the Cloud

Another aspect of the Tekmetric brand of programming is that it can be stored directly in the cloud. This means that after you have created an account, you and your technicians will all have access to the program no matter where you happen to be or which device is being used. Once you have downloaded the program that you require, it is a matter of signing into the account and using it to help better manage your business.

While there are many ways for you to manage your auto body shop, you need automated service programming made by Tekmetric to make this a true reality. The work that Tekmetric has put into their software programs is second to none and is truly the first of its kind in the industry. What you might be happy to know about is that the programs available through the Tekmetric site are low-cost and you can even download a free demo to try out the software before you commit to buying it outright. Be sure to consider this brand and their software programs so that you can finally get the help that you need in terms of running a company and doing it all with just a few clicks of a button.