Why is Volkswagen still a leading brand in the world?


What’s the best car brand in the world? Maybe many of us have asked ourselves the same question some time. In fact, we all want our car to be produced by one of the most renowned brands in the world; however, sometimes there’s an exception to the rule. Many powerful companies have brought several unsafe and factory defect models to market. Some of these are on the infamous list of the most dangerous cars in the world.

However, if you’re looking for a car that keeps the same quality standards, no matter where it was assembled, you should think of a Volkswagen. In the beginning, these cars were designed to last forever. In fact, a Volkswagen’s durability would give a good reputation to Nazi regime, during which the company was founded.

However, the main purpose of Volkswagen was to demonstrate to Western brands, especially Ford Motors, that things made in Germany were superior. Interestingly, they prove it. Decades later since the first Volkswagen went on the market, Ford went on to second place in car production. The Ford T stopped being popular among users and now everyone wanted to have their own Beetle.

The Beetle was very accepted all over the world. Even in allied countries, which were initially Germany’s enemies, the model was selling quite well. The fame of the popular band The Beatles served as advertising to make the German car one of the favorites of British people. To finally demonstrating the supremacy of the German cars, Volkswagen became owner of Bentley, which at one time was considered the British cars’ brand par excellence. On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz, which also belongs to Volkswagen, was one of the brands preferred by James Bond, the popular secret agent who’s an icon of British popular culture.

In America, the Beetle was so successful that production of its classic model continued in countries such as Mexico and Brazil until early 2000’s. Years later, the Volkswagen New Beetle became the new sensation among young American women, since Mattel decided to make it the official car of their popular Barbie doll.

In India, Volkswagen has incorporated elements from that culture into design and name of some of its vehicles. An example of this are Volkswagen Passat and Volkswagen GTI. People in India know very well how to identify a quality car. Although for years, India was a British colony, locals know very well that neither the best British car is rival for a Volkswagen.

German cars are characterized by being durable, comfortable and elegant. For that reason, Volkswagens are favorites among high society. A Volkswagen is a luxury car with affordable prices. The majority of its production is focused on satisfying the demand of ordinary people, living up to its name: “the people’s car”.

When you buy a Volkswagen Passat or Volkswagen GTI, you’re making the best investment of your life, because a Volkswagen is forever. When most cars begin to manifest failures with the first use, Volkswagen offers you a guarantee of optimum performance during the first 4 years. For that reason, there isn’t car brand in the world that can overcome Volkswagen.