13 Tips to Select the Best Online Auto Transport Company


In the USA, there are many auto transportation companies offering their services and all will invariably claim them as the best in the market. This may create dilemma for people like you, who are looking for car shipping company for the first time.

So, then how can you identify the best car transport company out of the long list of transporters?

There are of course few genuine Alaska auto transport company like Alaska Car Shipping too available in the market, who are known to provide the best services, however to identify a similar company like this, following are few useful tips.

    1. Do little research

It is necessary to do little research about suitable auto transport companies that are available, from various online and off line resources that are available at your disposal.

    2. Check license status

Try to interact with them and find their status of the license and alternately ask MC number. If they fail to provide that then don’t consider them.

    3. Find out how long they are doing this business

Try to know how long are they associated with this business. Choose a company that is associated for longer duration in this business.

    4. Read the review

Try to get feedback about various companies that you have short listed so far. You can also find the review on the net, and reject those where customers have too many similar complains.

    5. Check from BBB

Better Business Bureau is another source that can tell a lot about the company, where you will find genuine review about any company.

    6. Whether offer is for enclosed or open transport?

You may get two different options:

  • Open transport
  • Enclosed transport

Open transport option may be cheaper option than enclosed transport option.

    7. Whether they also insure?

Do not hire such companies who are not going to insure your car during transportation and also those having no valid insurance.

   8. Read all fine prints of the T&C

You must carefully read all the points of their terms and conditions, as often you may get a big surprise when the company raises their bill after their service.

    9. Whether rates are competitive from market rate?

Ensure that what the company is charging is as per the prevailing rate of the market. Don’t go either for too costly service or too cheaper one.

    10. What is your delivery option?

There are either port-to-port or door-to-door delivery option. Try to know their rates and select your option that suits you better.

   11. Can you track their location?

Ask the transporter whether they will provide any number of the driver or any other means, so that you can always track their present location and remain fully updated.

   12. Professional drivers available?

Also, check whether the driver who is going to carry your car is well experienced and having very clean record of driving.

   13. Visit their office

Make sure that you visit the office and check that they are really an established company and not a simple service provider, who only carries out business through telephone.