5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a KTM Bike


KTM Bike is one of its kind; it is a lightweight, and a high-performance bike that can change the way motorcycle performance is seen in the current market. The best part for the KTM Bike is the utilisation of the premium parts, affordable price for such high output and the lightweight chassis. The new motorcycle has KTM parts that increase the ex-showroom sport by a few thousand rupees.

This bike recently caught the attention of many youths with its supersport performance and light frames. Many youths are obsessed with high speed since it provides them with a special thrill and rush. In many countries, youth have access to other bikes that have good speed and can even go up to 130 max on highways. For many years, the youth have been dreaming of superbikes that have excellent performance than 150cc motorcycles. The KTM has changed the entire game of 300 plus cc bikes. Here are the top five reasons why you should purchase a KTM Bike today.

Design and Style

The KTM bike shares its design and style with other popular bikes that feature the same panels and the orange wheels. The bike’s unique tail light, headlight section and the fibre-finished fuel tank make it ideal for the streets. Its wheels are also impressive since their width are similar to most motorcycles of the 250 to 500 cc segment bikes you can purchase on the market.

It is a Powerful Machine

KTM motorcycles are pure performance machines that provide its users with great thrill to ride. Just after opening the throttle, the bike goes 100 KMPH in a few seconds. When riding the machine on the streets, you will experience the much-needed high speed and rush. Its top speed is around 170 KMPH and above if you are riding on a straight road without traffic.

Has Side Mounted Exhausts

The underbelly system of the KTM bike features side exhausts to comply with the current BS4 norms in the market. Most markets, including the European one, have moved to the Euro 4 norms, which makes it a compulsory stage or step for the bike developer. Its customers enjoy emission-friendly machines from KTM in the form of updated bikes. It features a 373.2 cc engine, one-cylinder system that produces 44 HP but at an rpm of 9000.

Provides Everyday Usability

The bike has trellis frames that keep the entire weight of the motorcycle in check. Also, it comes with Aluminum swig arms and other KTM parts that make it lightweight. It features a wheelbase of 1357 mm that provides the much-needed highway flexibility and stability. Despite the bike being a naked roadster, its ground clearance is about 185 mm, which is much better compared to other small capacity motorbikes. The bike is easy to manoeuvre in road traffic since it has a straight handlebar that keeps its user relaxed throughout the entire ride.

The Ride by Wire Technology

The introduction of the ride by wire technology was the best thing that the bike developer did to the favourite motorbike in the international market lineup. The bike has extensive features based on this technology, which include traction control or cruise control. It helps sip the right and enough amount of fuel while delivering power across the rev band. The bike also has the ability to open future responsibility of utilizing riding modes in bikes of such class.