Actions to Be Taken After You See the Check Engine Light Staying On


In usual situations, when we key start our car engine, all the warning lights turn up for a few seconds and go down, the moment the car starts moving. But in an event, when while driving the car, you see the “check engine” light come on and not going off, it is worrisome. Same will be the situation in which the “check engine” light comes on, with all other lights as usual, but stays back.

So, what do you do when you see the check engine light coming up and staying on? When asked, a senior mechanic who serves at the Moorestown check engine light department, suggested us the following.

Check, Tighten or Replace the Gas Cap:

The first thing you need to do after seeing the “check engine” light coming up is checking out the gas car, by popping up the hood of your car. If you find it loose from its fitting of the gas cylinder opening and tighten it back. If you find it broken or damaged, replace with a new immediately, since the gas will spread out and lead to exhausting out the costly fuel, from its tank, making you stop at the pump station too often.

Spark Plug

The “check engine” light might get turned on of its own, if the spark plug of the engine got fused. So, whenever you see the “check engine” light, after doing the gas cap, check out the spark plug. See, if it got disconnected somehow, or has got fused. Depending upon the situation, you have to act upon, either by reconnecting it or replacing it with a new.

Inspect the Oxygen Sensor:

The other reason to trigger the “check engine” light is a faulty oxygen sensor. When it gets damaged, the onboard diagnostic system of the car will let you know by turning on the “check engine” light. When the oxygen sensor gets affected it will eventually lose its capability to hand out an accurate oxygen reading. As a result, it will mislead the other mechanisms that finally will turn on the “check engine” light. So, if none of the above actions show result, try replacing the oxygen sensor, and see, if it works.

Test the Catalytic Converter:

The catalytic converter plays an important role in the engine of your car. So, if it gets damaged, the engine will stop running after some time. In between, to prevent such situations from happening, the in-car diagnostic system will send you alert through the check engine light, so that you can take due action upon it. This issue can be also understood, if apart from the “check engine” light, the fuel economy of your engine drops significantly.

From an auto technician from the center of CEL testing near Moorestown, we came to know that one should not panic after seeing the “check engine” light turning on and staying back. Rather he or she should perform the above-mentioned procedures to set things back. But if things do not change after following these steps, then one must consult a professional to avoid bigger issues.