Benefits of Using Car Breakers


At some point in a cars life, whether through an accident or wear and tear, the vehicles you see today, including your own will no longer be safe to drive. And so, who do you call? The car breakers. Although we may just think about car breakers as a last resort for when our car dies, there are quite a few benefits that using car breakers pose.

Environmentally Friendly

The complexity of how they tear open a car and allocate its parts is beyond us, but they do and for a good reason. The law dictates recycling each vehicle where possible is necessary to protect the planet, and so most car breakers are likely to recycle 85% of each car they receive. The recycling process involves;

  • Removing the working parts and selling these on.
  • The fluids are drained and can be reused, e.g. the oil can be used for heating.
  • The car windows are removed and melted down to produce items such as recycled wine glasses.
  • And for the most significant element of all, the metal is either compacted or melted and used for things like constructing buildings in China.

So if you think your car is just going to be sitting in a junkyard forever, think again! It’ll be resurrected in the form of other objects in and around the world!

Cash for Your Car

Your car is most likely either beyond repair, and so you have no choice but to have the vehicle broken. Or your vehicle is repairable, but not without forking out a lot of money to do so. A significant benefit of using car breakers is they will pay you for your scrap, which will give you some cash to use towards a better car. Try shopping around for the best deal and contact a few car breakers to get an idea of how much your vehicle is worth. Car breakers may be happy to provide a quote over the phone or prefer to see your car in person. You should also bear in mind that the price tag attached to your car will largely be affected by its age and condition.

Collection Service

When you contact a few car breakers for a quote on your car, ask whether or not they can also pick your vehicle up. Most car breakers will, but it’s worth asking just in case you live too far from the car breaker you have contacted, and they may not be able to travel to your address. A collection service is a big plus for those wanting to get rid of their car, as this relieves the stress of needing to transport it themselves.

Following buying, picking up and breaking your car in an environmentally friendly way, it’s worth keeping a reputable car breakers number in your phone book. Not only to scrap your car for cash but also because you might need some cost-effective salvaged parts for your next car or affordable vehicle recovery if your new car breaks down.