Car cover: how to make the right choice


car cover

Many people end up being forced to leave the car outdoors, at the risk of having the paint damaged by a series of agents that attack the painting. In addition to sun and rain, the dreaded hail falls, vegetable sap or bird droppings are among the great villains in this story.

You have to take a number of factors into account before you take one home so you do not run the risk of wasting money and marching on the bodywork. One of the most recommended is the one made of textured polyethene, all lined inside, which includes even the sides. This type of cover also comes with steel cable and a small lock, to prevent it from being stolen or flying in the event of a gust. Another item that must be taken into account is the inflatable balloon that must be placed between the hood and the hood, facilitating ventilation. Depending on the size can cost a little over $ 200. This is because the moisture that lies on the inside of the cover can not get out because of the impervious material in the cover.