Car Rent Companies in Tallinn: Getting a Cheaper Deal



For a lot of people, the vacation pecking order goes flight, accommodation, then transportation. But do not treat your rental vehicle as an afterthought. Knowing what you need and doing your due diligence in researching the Internet can save you a lot of money.

You do now want to pay for the services that you do not actually need or want because you do not understand what they do. By following these simple tips, you will not get taken for a ride the next time you rent a car for your vacation.

You need to decide whether you need a rental vehicle in the first place

If you are traveling to a major city like Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco, you could be fine using the train, taxi, taking Uber or Lyft and other mass transportation. A week of MetroCard is good for unlimited bus and subway ride all over New York.

Not only it is convenient; it only costs $31. As an added benefit, you do not have to experience the famous gridlock traffic jams of major cities like New York or Los Angeles or pay the ridiculous parking fee downtown.

Aggregate and do not procrastinate

If you have determined that a rent-a-car is your best way to navigate the location, start by checking aggregator websites for a point of view. These aggregator websites are the best way to compare different rental websites like and usually the cheapest way to find the best rental vehicle company. If anything, it will give you a better look at the industry have an excellent baseline to start your research.

Darkness is your friend

Usually, websites where you can find out all the prices before you book your rental vehicle, but not the agency, negotiate for a stressed inventory. If a rental agency knows that a particular vehicle is not going to be rented out on a specific location, time and date, they will off-sell the vehicle at a net-rate deal to one of the opaque channels available on the market.

Pay the rent, up front

Some companies offer more or less 40% off of your rental fee if you pay them the moment you book your vehicle instead of paying them when you pick the vehicle. For example, if you do a quick research for vehicles at Los Angeles Airport, you will find out that you can get a 10% to 20% discount if you use certain options.

Check your debit or credit card

A lot of travel debit or credit cards will let you use the rewards that you gained to book for a rent-a-car. If you would prefer to save your reward points, a lot of these debit and credit cards will let you book rentals with a discounted rate, straight from your credit and debit card dashboard on the Internet.

Not only that, a lot of people try to overlook their card’s car rental insurance policy. You need to look into your card’s insurance policy and use it to pay for the vehicle leasing. Know what kind of services come with your debit or credit card, because everyone offers different kinds of automobile rental insurance.

Bundle up

A lot of reputable websites offer coupons and discounts when you get a packaged vacation, so you need to be prepared to book your automobile at the same time as your flight to find out a great deal. For example, booking your hotel accommodation, flight and transportation for some of these companies for a long road trip will get you at least a $200 savings on your vehicle rental compared to the company’s website.

Do not forget to look at hotel accommodation, credit and debit card and airline websites, because some of them also promote bundled vacation discounts.

Try to look for off-brand companies

There are startup or small to medium enterprises that operate nationwide that can give you massive discounts. Do not be afraid to try them out because some will provide you with more or less 50% discount on their services.

As of the moment, the industry is dominated by three companies that own eight big brands and controls more or less 95% of the industry. If you try smaller companies, some of them can offer you at least $20 to $50 less than reputable and more popular agencies.