Diesel Engine Maintenance: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Truck


If running a delivery company or business, you will need a reliable truck vehicle to be able to operate all of your transportation logistics. A successful truck vehicle comes with a powerful diesel fuel engine and diesel performance parts for efficiency.

To avoid any difficulties or challenges with your engine, especially those that will require you to spend much for an auto repair or maintenance, preventive measures should be your top priority.

Your truck vehicle and engine should have the following such as extra oil, coolant, washer fluid, fuel filter and wrench to avoid any hassle especially when on the road traveling. Remember that you must test your fuel filters on a regular basis as well.

Keep an eye on your fluids. Engine oil lubricates the parts of the engine and it becomes acidic and contaminated over time. You should change it regularly so that it will lessen minimal performance and increase or prolong engine life.

Aside from the engine oil, keep an eye on the engine coolant as well. Keeping your coolant topped off and balanced with proper chemicals will keep your engine away from overheating, engine-damaging electrolysis and coolant freezing.

Lastly and more importantly, include washer fluid. You need to do this in order not to get a dirty windshield when you are driving on a wet or snowy road, and in the summer, bugs will visit your vehicle. Dirty windshields are very dangerous and can be fixed with some windshield wiper fluid.

Another integral part of preventive truck engine maintenance is changing your filters regularly. To ensure good and clean fuel, fuel filters need to be replaced regularly. When this becomes dirty, it will restrict or stop smooth fuel flow on your engine.

For more detailed information, check this infographic.