Different Filters and Fluids You Should Check In Your Regularly Scheduled Auto Maintenance


Whether you lease a Locationparamount.com vehicle or buy one with cash from a private seller, you will still need to conduct routing maintenance.  Here is a simple list you can follow:

Oil and Oil Filter

You should definitely change your oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles or about once every three months.  While fuel is important for your vehicle to “go”, you need oil to ensure that all the moving parts of the engine are lubricated. Changing your oil ensures that the deposits which develop over time do not settle and stick to your engine’s parts. Without proper lubrication your engine can seize up and break down and that is going to be far more expensive than the $120 or so it would cost per year to have a mechanic change your oil.

Coolant/Antifreeze (Radiator Fluid)

While you are having your oil changed you should also check the radiator fluid.  Antifreeze/coolant does for the radiator what oil does for the engine: keeps it lubricated.  More importantly, antifreeze ensures that your radiator doesn’t freeze when the weather is cold and does not overheat when the weather is hot. You need the radiator to help keep water flowing through the system.  To optimize your engine’s performance you could basically just check this fluid when you change your oil, but you may not need to replace or refill it another couple months (up to 5 months).

Air Filter

It might be a year (or even two) before you need to change your air filter, so you will probably do just fine looking into it annually.  At the same time, the air filter is very easy to find and to examine so this is a job you should be quickly willing to do. At most, it could be two or more years before you need to replace your air filter.

Transmission Fluid

Both manual and automatic vehicles use transmission fluid but you can only check it with a dipstick (and replace it) in a vehicle with an automatic transmission.  In a vehicle with a manual transmission, replacing the transmission fluid could require the assistance of a professional mechanic.  You need fresh transmission fluid to ensure utmost efficiency in your transmission.  The good news is that you probably only need to replace your transmission fluid about as often as you would your air filter.