Do you know about the Ballistic Protection?


The certificates for armored vehicles are issued only based on their chassis number (VIN) of the particular vehicle that is to be armored. The other requirements that are mandatory to armor a vehicle and produce a certificate are its date of production and Troy Armoring ballistic protection level. The construction of an armored vehicle requires the certified materials to be used in building the vehicle, along with the certifications from an independent institution producing test reports for Troy Armoring ballistic protection.

Materials used for ballistic protection

Troy Armoring uses the best composite materials for providing ballistic protection which varies in their applications. These materials mainly include helmets, vests, and primarily armoring of vehicles. A lot of solutions are developed with the advanced and innovative approaches to reduce the weight of the armoring components which enables the law personnel and the military to work and respond most effectively during crisis and extremities. The parts are specially designed to improve the level of survivability and accomplish the mission with ease. For all the ballistic protection components, the main designing factor is imposed based on the probability of protection supplied especially for the materials like vests, penetration glass, and other steel sheets. The progression of the product for the steepness and curve highly depends on the composition and type of the material that is used in the production. The elements that exhibit steepness are generally precise and homogeneous, whereas, the materials that have a strong structure exhibit typically shallowness.

Ballistic protection design and enhancement

Continually urging for protection on the personal level to eliminate the maximized threat has no relevance always. The design and the improvements for the materials providing ballistic protection and depend on the spectrum of risk. The designs are formulated in such a manner that it can be worn throughout or bored during threat including the car materials that does not make it look sturdy and robust.


The protection level to be implemented does not become an issue once the spectrum of threat is known and defined. The ballistic protection is implemented as per the requirement as expected and is considered to be completely safe. All protections are designed to give the highest probability of security in the threat bounds possible.