Features That The Best Auto Shop Software Have


Auto shop owners are making ends meet a lot easier thanks to the emergence of digital solutions that cater to their daily needs. This type of software streamlines the daily operation of an auto shop making the customer and employee experience a lot better.

For the auto shops themselves, the improvements will yield better financial results as well as better branding. Auto shop owners are excited to get their hands on these solutions but with the influx of available options, it is harder to see just which of these are truly helpful. Before making any major purchases, they should see if the auto shop software has these essential features.

Messaging System

This should be a given for any auto shop software but there are some solutions that do not offer any form of automated messaging system. This lets the shop notify its customers about updates regarding their orders.

Tekmetric’s auto shop software comes with a built-in messaging system. Through it, users can send messages either via SMS or email. They could provide updates on order statuses, as well as an estimate on their repair orders. This way, the customers no longer have to visit the shop regularly as the information they need is already directed to them.

Multiple Sign-Ins

Some auto shops have extended their services to other branches. For the shop owners, it might be hard to keep track of the updates happening in all of his properties. That is why if he decides to get an auto software installed at his company’s core, he must find one that allows multiple sign-ins.

Having integrated multiple sign-in features allows shop owners to regularly keep track of their properties wherever he is. Instead of having to call each of his branch managers, he could get updates with a single tap instead. This partner well with built-in accessibility features that allow users to access the software from a selection of compatible devices.

Premium-Level Security And Backup

The data from auto shop software are often directed through cloud-based storage. These digital assets are always at risk from cyber attacks such as ransomware so it is vital for the solutions to have top-notch security. The amount of profit and progress that could be lost after a cyber attack is hard to recover from so it is best to avoid software with backends that aren’t secure.

Consequently, it is also best to rely on solutions that offer quality backup procedures. An establishment’s data is prone not only to cyber attacks but also from workplace accidents such as fires. This is especially the case if the data is stored in a physical device. The best auto shop software keeps backup data up-to-date regularly so losses are recovered easily.

Software Integration

Regardless of how good a software is, it could always use the help of other solutions. Auto shop solutions that are equipped with software integration can fully utilize an establishment’s potential.

Take Tekmetric for example. Its all-in-one solution comes with software integration that allows it to partner with other useful programs such as Motor, PartsTech, and Carfax. This way, users are able to further improve their services. The software integration adds an extra layer of potential to the software as it garners the help of other solutions with specific specializations. As the saying goes, “no man is an island” and Tekmetric shows why teamwork is important.

These are the top features one should look for in an auto shop software. Solutions without these features still work well but if shop owners are going to pay for a useful service, they must at least make sure that they are getting their money’s worth.