Hero, Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Royal Enfield, Suzuki – Two Wheeler sales


Hero Motocorp limited is in New Delhi, India. They are known to be the largest manufacturers of motorbikes in the world; they mainly deal with the manufacturing of the two-wheeler themed bikes.

Despite heavy rains affecting the Hero bikes price of two-wheeler bikes, Hero MotorCorp limited company managed to increase their sales by a mere 1% in August 2018. They sold a total of 6,85,047 motorcycle units in both exports and domestic; this is a slight increase in sale compared to sales made in August 2017. In April to August 2018, Hero MotorCorp sales increased by 10%, 34, 64,661 units from 31, 41,551 units in 2017.

Honda two wheeler sales

Just like all other two-wheeler companies, Honda Motorcycle Company in June 2018 registered a 28% increase in the sales of its two-wheeler themed motorbikes. Honda company sold a total of 5, 71,020 both export and domestic sales units, while in 2017 they sold a total of 4, 44,528 units.

In August 2018 Honda motorcycle company sales increased by 9% from the previous year. In 2018 sales amounted up to 6,4,444 units while in August 2017 they sold 5,86,237 units. In the months of April-August, 2018 Honda two wheeler exports units increase from 1,50,438 units to 1,91,521 units, to mean that there was a 27% increase in the sales.

Bajaj two-wheeler sales

Bajaj auto limited is the manufacturer of the Bajaj two-wheeler bike. In the year 2018, the month of August Bajaj auto-registered the highest sales ever. Bajaj sold a total of 3,62,923 units thus registering a total of 28% increase, in August 2017 total sales made amounted to 2,83,861 units; you should note that this data is only for motorcycle sales only since Bajaj auto limited also manufactures commercial vehicles. Bajaj exports increased by 29% from 1,12,197 units in August 2018 to 1,44,486 units in 2017. Domestic sales also improved with a whopping 27% compared to the previous year.

TVS two-wheeler sales

TVS motor company sold a total of 3,30,076 units in August 2018, while in August 2017 they sold 3,09,146 units, to mean that they registered a 7% increase in sales between the two years. In the domestic market, the sales of TVS two-wheeler bikes increased by 2% from 2,70,544 units in August 2017 to 2,75,688 units in August 2018.

Royal Enfield two-wheeler sales

It is the most profitable companies in India. In August 2018 they registered a 2% increase in motorcycle sales compared to the year 2017 same month. In 2018 69,377 units were sold compared to 67,977 units sold in August 2017. Domestically Royal Enfield recorded a 2% increase after selling 68,014 units in 2018 compared to August 2017 sales which added up to 66,872. The company exports increased by 23% from 1,105 units sold in 2017 to 1,363 unit sold in 2018.

Suzuki two-wheeler sales

 Suzuki registered the highest monthly sales in August 2018. It recorded a whopping 31% increase in sales in August 2018. The figures in August 2018 were 62,446. Suzuki access 125 and Suzuki Burgman Street received a lot of attention and boosted the company sales. They made a sale of 55,000 units.