How To Avoid Scammers When Hiring A Towing Service Provider Company


Whether you have a flat tire or your tire blows out all of a sudden on the road, you would need a tow truck to get your vehicle serviced. Getting a legitimate company is very critical in such circumstances.  There are several companies who are scammers. They are simply looking to make unwitting and unknowing drivers their prey. It is often advised to drivers to be careful and not accept their assistance quickly. To prevent yourself from being the target of this scam, there are a few advices that you need to follow.

Get enough information about the towing company

It is important that you learn about the company before you seek puksiiriabi. Know about their year of establishment, past projects, clients, fee, rules, policies etc. For a safer side, you can take all the terms and conditions in a written form. This will help in eliminating any confusions in the future. Ensure that the contract that they provide has their signature and stamp on it.

The list of things that you need to get in writing includes company name, towing, storage, and other possible types of miscellaneous charges. As per the law, any towing company has to provide all this information to its customers without any question.


If the requirement for repair of flat tire or roadside assistance was the result of an accident, then you need to ensure that your insurance provides a coverage for the towing service. Understanding the procedure how insurance handles your towing needs will help you in forming a better decision. They will likely cover a reasonable number of reliable towing companies and amount of expected repair costs.

Keep a check on your vehicle

Cases of auto theft are increasing nowadays. This is one of the major scams that is happening when seeking roadside assistance. You need to be well aware of where your vehicle is being taken by the towing service professionals. Get the location of the vehicle in writing for your vehicle’s safety.

Get a printed invoice

Don’t allow a tow truck to move your car unless and until you receive a printed invoice or receipt for the towing service.

Don’t give all your personal information

There are many scam companies or tow truck bandits that ask for personal and financial details from customers and then deceive them later on. It only needs your name and contact information to get the assistance. Any information more than this indicates suspicious service. In any case, it is advised not to provide any sensitive personal information, such as your home address or Social Security number.

An ethical and genuine towing company would not ask you for any of this irrelevant information. Before providing any other information more than name and contact information, you must contact your insurance company and get a green signal from them. If they permit, then only you should provide them other details.


There are several firms out there, it can be difficult to determine the reliable ones among them. These tips will definitely save you from falling into the clutches of a non-reliable towing service provider.

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This Guest Post has been written by Donald Collins. Multifix is one of those towing firms that is popular for its positive reputation amongst its customers. It is well-known for adherence to regulations and laws. It has a large base of satisfied and happy clients throughout the globe.