Importing A Motorcycle To Australia, What You Need To Know


Many people think that importing a car or a bike to another country is a lot of work, and they are not wrong, but if there is a model you really like, you need to know that it is not an impossible job. All you need to do is research a good provider and hire a broker who can deal with all the paperwork!

If you are planning to import a car instead of a motorbike, you should hire Dazmac for cleaning asbestos in imported cars or contact your local provider to do so. This is very important because cars cannot be shipped without passing the inspection beforehand.

There are a lot of great motorbike models out there, and you can have them imported!

The modifications might be necessary

As for motorbikes, they might be a bit easier to import than cars. The used vehicles are actually the easiest to be imported, and some of the difficult imports include modified choppers, as they can be very expensive to be imported in the first place.

Sometimes, even the standard bikes will require some sort of a modification to fit the standards and be imported to another country. This actually all depends on where and where to are you planning to import, since some countries are not as picky when it comes to this.

Most of these changes will involve the lights (color, size, and distance from the rear of the bike, handlebars, the number plate holder, as well as the exhaust). Most of these can be an easy fix unless you are planning to import a chopper that has a lower seat, as all of that can cost quite a bit.

Historic bikes

If you prefer the old models, called the history bikes, you should feel happy that they have a much easier procedure for importation. Bikes that are made before 1989 will be much easier to comply, than the ones that were made before 1975, as there were no actual design rules in Australia, the only thing that was needed was a roadworthy certificate.

Rules of importing

Keep in mind that the rules of importing vehicles to another country have been changed as of 2018, and if you are interested you can read it online. Currently, only the import the vehicles that are not imported by the official distributors already, and they need to be compatible to the Australian standards, can’t be over 12 months old, and they cannot have over 500km odometer.

Every import/export provider has their own method of shipping, so choose a reputable provider!

In addition, only one vehicle can be imported every two years, so make sure to talk to your provider before the import. If you are interested in a certain bike model, you can import motorcycle to Australia with Dazmac Logistics, or talk to your local provider instead.

The price

Usually, the cost to comply a bike will be about $2500 or higher, and this includes fitting the new tires, brake pads, amber indicators, reflectors, and metric speedo. Usually, people want to import bikes from the USA, and it will cost about $1000 to have them shipped to Australia. The price also depends on where you will ship them from.

Final word

If you have a model of a bike you really like, you should talk to an import and export provider before purchasing the bike online, because not all bike models can be imported, not to mention that some of them will cost too much to even be worth the import at all. So, before making the actual purchase, it is always better to educate yourself about different models and Australian standards.