Is your child safe in the school car?


While a safe car service is something that the parents look for their school going kids, they should also do some homework to ensure the safety of their child inside the school car.  A rented car service from the school transportation department is always a boon for the parents who don’t have time to drop and pick up their kids from school. Reading headlines about car accidents, trafficking and other mishaps have made it a cause of concern for the parents whose children travel in a school car.

What are the things that parents should do to ensure safety of the children?

Accidents are inevitable and you have no control over it. However you can always take safety measures before you hire a cab service for your child.

Background check of the owner and the driver-

Before you actually hire a cab service; do a thorough research on the internet about the company offering school cab services. Take information from the other parents whose children are already using the cars for travelling purpose. Ask them about the fees, safety issues and how the drivers take care of the child. All these things are very much important. Even you have hired a car service for your child and you feel unsure about the driver or his motives, perform a free background check on the driver because it will reveal his personal information like- name, address, driving records, criminal records, and every other details. Driving records will help you to know the followings:

  • Information regarding the efficiency of the driver
  • Cases of past accidents, if any
  • Criminal records including traffic violations

This information will be enough to make sure that the driver is a reliable one or not. After a thorough background check, the parents should follow some of the other things for the safety of the children:

  • Keep an eye on the authorities of the transport service who are responsible for safety of the kids. Make sure they do not behave in any abusive manner or are engaged with any kind of violations. This may include harsh driving, not stopping the bus at the correct location etc. You should report all these cases to the concerned authorities.
  • Ask questions to your child- ‘Are you being dropped at the exact location of your house?’, ‘Does anyone in the car touch you in an insecure manner?’, ‘Do you feel safe with the driver’?
  • Get in touch with the nearest police station if the authorities do not take any action to the complaints you have made or if you find that there is something suspicious about the driver.

Last but not the least; the parents should make it a point to wait in the exact location where the car is supposed to drop your child. In This way, you can be sure if the car is dropping your child near the door steps or not. If not, then you can take proper action against it!